Zynga mines Ruby Blast for all it's worth on iPhone, iPad for free

Ruby Blast mobile screens
Ruby Blast mobile screens

The FarmVille house has an answer to nearly every popular game type on Facebook, and usually ends up trouncing it. Mobile, however, has been a different story. Now, Zynga looks to give iOS hits like Bejeweled Blitz and Diamond Dash what for with a version of Ruby Blast for iPhone and iPad developed by Zynga China.

"Ruby Blast is an exciting development for Zynga as we expand our popular arcade genre to mobile and offer players social, fast-paced, and competitive play wherever they are," Zynga VP of games Roy Sehgal said in a release. "In less than a year, more than 58 million monthly active users are playing Zynga arcade games, and we're actively working to make these great web experiences available on mobile. Arcade games provide great mobile experiences, and Zynga's multi-platform approach focuses on accessibility–letting players pick up and play with (or against) their friends no matter the device or platform."

Like its competitors, all progress (including scores, rubies, super rubies, emeralds, sapphires, coins, levels and in-game currency) will sync between the mobile version of Ruby Blast and Ruby Blast Adventures on Facebook. And just as it does on Facebook, Ruby Blast mobile offers weekly tournaments for players to compete in, and ways for friends to help each other out. (So, not much different here from Facebook.)
Available today, Ruby Blast launches on mobile in 13 languages. Zynga has already teased that a mobile version of Bubble Safari is on the way, clearly an answer to games like Bubble Witch Saga hitting mobile. But will Zynga have success with this approach like it has enjoyed on Facebook? That's up to you to decide by clicking the link below.

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