Pioneer Trail: Play CityVille 2 for free Fast Hands Boosts


Just as FarmVille players are being encouraged to try Zynga's newest city-building game CityVille 2, so too are Pioneer Trail players being asked to give the new game a chance. For a limited time, Pioneer Trail players that try and play CityVille 2 for a few levels will receive some Fast Hands Boosts back on their Homesteads.

To be specific, the promotion sees players being given a chance to earn three Fast Hands Boosts for reaching just Level 4 in CityVille 2. Thankfully, this task is a piece of cake, as you can easily reach Level 4 with just a few minutes of play, and will then be able to claim your free boosts in a flash. Remember though, you'll likely need to hit the "Play Now!" button on the promotional window in Pioneer Trail to force your progress to "sync" between the two games.

After that, when you head back into Pioneer Trail, you also may not see any sort of second window confirming your prize, but should be able to see your boosts in your inventory. This is how it should all work in theory, but feel free to refresh both games a few times to make things really stick if you're having trouble. It's always possible that additional boosts will be provided in Pioneer Trail for reaching higher and higher levels in CityVille 2, so check out our cheats and tips to advancing in that new city-builder, and add yourself to our Add Me page to earn progress fast! Good luck!

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What do you think of this simple cross-promotion between Pioneer Trail and CityVille 2? Have you already reached at least Level 4 in CityVille 2 for a promotion in another game? Sound off in the comments!