ChefVille Turkey Freezer Upgrade: Everything you need to know


Observant ChefVille players have likely noticed the familiar green upgrade arrow on the Turkey Freezer's menu, indicating that a new upgrade is available. That's right, players can now upgrade their Turkey Freezer to produce more Turkeys at the same time in honor of the game's large Thanksgiving celebration.

The Turkey Freezer must be "producing" Turkeys at the time you wish to upgrade, and you'll need to ask your friends for three different sets of materials to actually complete the upgrade. You'll need three Turkey Twines, two Extra Large Ice Cubes, and three Clucky Clingwraps. The Ice Cubes are earned by sending individual requests to your friends, while the other two items can be earned by simply posting requests to your news feed.

Once you upgrade the Turkey Freezer, it will still take five minutes to prepare Turkeys, but you'll receive two upon each collection, rather than one. Remember, it's not only the game's Thanksgiving quests and dishes that require Turkeys, so make sure to use your Turkey in your Sandwich Station as well. Good luck!

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