The Sims Social: Boost your Sim's mood with Tostitos branded bonuses


While Dunkin Donuts and Cornetto items have been available in the Sims Social for some time, a new real world brand has come to the game as well: Tostitos. Long time Facebook gamers might remember that Tostitos was found in another Facebook game prior to this, as branded items were released in FarmVille early last year. In the Sims Social, players can now send and receive a set of Tostitos themed boost to their friends, which can be used to enhance their Sims'mood.

To be specific, these "Tostitos Original Tortilla" and "Tostitos Scoops!" items have been released on the game's free gifts page, and will be available to send to your neighbors for a limited time. When your friend accepts one, they can find it in their backpack, and upon use, it will boost their Sim's mood while also fulfilling some of its hunger requirement.

Unfortunately, these items don't offer any free energy points, but they're a neat and fun little add-on to the game all the same. It's not unlikely that further Tostitos content will be released in the Sims Social before all is said and done, and we'll make sure to let you know if that happens. Stay tuned!

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