Kixeye slaps Zynga back over former CityVille GM with cross-complaint

Kixeye screens
Kixeye screens

Remember that time former CityVille GM Alan Patmore was pegged by Zynga for trade secret theft after joining War Commander creator Kixeye? While Kixeye has denied involvement in the scandal since Day One, the company never responded to Zynga on the legal level. Now, the hardcore social games maker has filed an extensive cross-complaint against the FarmVille house. Here's the full statement from Kixeye CEO Will Harbin:

Today we filed a Cross-Complaint against Zynga in the Superior Court of California. We believe Zynga is manipulating the legal process and fabricating claims against KIXEYE to access OUR trade secrets. Their illustrious history of using their legal department to exploit and slander competitors that they can't otherwise out-perform is well documented. We will not stand for it. This matter was shameful enough when it was focused on bleeding one of their former employees. When they broadened this frivolous claim to include KIXEYE, they showed their hand. We will fight to our last breath to keep this predatory company from accessing our confidential information and best practices. We intend to defend ourselves from Zynga's legal bullying for as long as it takes to reveal the truth -- that KIXEYE played no part in this. As we have stated previously, we have ZERO interest in Zynga's IP or "trade secrets." Our games are categorically different from theirs in almost every way. Claiming that their failed business practices could inform ours further establishes their complete lack of understanding of the gaming business.

This is far from Zynga's first legal battle regarding trade secrets or copyright infringement. (In fact, we remember a particular exchange between Playdom and Zynga nearly identical to this.) At this point, it seems that this debacle could go one of two ways: a trial or settlement, but we'll just see about that. We've reached out to Zynga for comment.

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