FarmVille: Play CityVille 2 for Unwithers, Turbo Chargers and more


It hasn't taken long for the CityVille 2 cross-promotions to start rolling out across Zynga's other Facebook games, and the first game to receive such a promotion is the original FarmVille on Facebook. Farmers are being encouraged to play CityVille 2 with the promise of "up to three Unwithers, two Instant Grows and 30 Turbo Chargers" waiting for them for doing so, but it doesn't actually list the levels in CityVille 2 that you'll need to reach to actually receive anything.

If this promotion is like others we've seen in the past, then we should receive items at Level 3, 7, 10 and perhaps 12 in CityVille 2, but that doesn't actually seem to be the case. Over on official FarmVille forums, Zynga's moderators (not Zynga staff) are stating that you'll need to reach anywhere from Level 4 to Level 10 to receive these rewards, but we've reached out to Zynga proper to try and clear this all up.

Whatever the final level requirements may be, it's worth playing CityVille 2 at least to Level 4 (which should only take you one session) as we're almost guaranteed to see additional cross-promotions launch in other games, and you'll need that head start to earn as many prizes as possible across the different games that you may play. Check out our Cheats and Tips for CityVille 2 to get a head start, and make sure to add yourself to our Add Me page to earn new friends that will help you advance fast. Good luck!

Update: The prizes are as such:

CityVille 2 Level 4: 1 Unwither in FarmVille
Level 6: 2 Unwithers
Level 8: 2 Instant Grows
Level 10: 30 Turbo Chargers

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What do you think of CityVille 2 thus far? Have you received any of your prizes back in FarmVille for playing CityVille 2? Share your experiences with us in the comments!