FarmVille 2 Thanksgiving Crafting Recipes: Everything you need to know


With any new tree or crop release in FarmVille 2, players can expect a set of crafting recipes to be released as well. With the Thanksgiving item release, that tradition continues as farmers can now plant Parsnips or limited edition trees to earn ingredients for three new recipes within the Crafting Kitchen. Since Thanksgiving items will only be available for the next 19 days, these recipes are only available for a limited time. We're here with a look at their ingredients and profits.

The first recipe is the Parsnip Soup. As the name suggests, you'll need Parsnips to craft it, but you'll need to have/do much more than that in order to actually create one. In addition to eight Parsnips, you'll also need a Broth to create a Parsnip Soup, with Broth itself being another crafting project. Broth is created using three Water and six Onions, and while Onions are readily available, Water is perhaps the most valuable resource in the entire game, so crafting a slew of Broths in a row will quickly become "costly." What's more, a Broth can sell for 420 coins on its own, making the final sales Parsnip Soup sales price of 1,670 coins a bit less impressive.

In addition to this recipe, players can also craft two others that are technically free, but require an ingredient that can only be earned from a tree that costs Farm Bucks to purchase: a Wild Plum Tree. This Tree costs 12 Farm Bucks, so if you choose not to purchase one, the only way that you'd earn these Plums would be to visit friends' Homesteads that have them available for tending and hope that you receive them while visiting.

The first of these two "premium" recipes is the Wild Plum Tart, which requires 14 Plums and one Pie Crust to create. A Pie Crust is a multi-step crafting project requiring Flour (Wheat) and Butter, and a Pie Crust sells for 380 coins. The sale price of a Wild Plum Tart is 2,770 coins, so you'll need to decide if that amount of profit from the Plums is worth the Farm Bucks price for the tree.

Finally, Wild Plum Bread requires 14 Eggs and 10 Plums to craft, and while neither of these ingredients are crafting projects in and of themselves, the Egg task is a bit much. That is, it's likely that you'd quickly run out of your stockpile of Eggs if you chose to create multiple Wild Plum Breads, which again brings in the question of whether or not they're worth it. A single Wild Plum Bread sells for 3,630 coins, so we'll leave that decision up to you.

Whatever you decide, remember that these Parsnips and Plum Trees are only available in the store for the next 19 days, so purchase / plant them fast if you want to fill your inventory with any of these new recipes.

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What do you think of these three Thanksgiving-inspired crafting recipes in FarmVille 2? Will you purchase a Plum Tree for your own farm, or will you just stick to the Parsnip recipe for now? Sound off in the comments!