CityVille 'Nighttime Space Needle' Quests: Everything you need to know


Since so much of CityVille's current focus is on playing the game in night mode, it's not surprising that we've seen more content released in the game that will help you do just that. The newest item in CityVille's nighttime theme is the Nighttime Space Needle, which will drop Lights and help you eventually unlock the Famous Nighttime District. The Nighttime Space Needle thankfully has a small base, so even players with crowded towns should be able to get in on the fun. We're here with a look at what it takes to build your very own Nighttime Space Needle, thanks to Zynga, so let's jump right in!

Place the Needle!

  • Place and Upgrade the Nighttime Space Needle

  • Have 7 Nighttime Space Needle Buildings

  • Collect 10 Tower Antennas

Once you place the base of the Nighttime Space Needle, you'll immediately be placed into construction mode. That is, the base doesn't take any energy to construct and you can instead jump straight into collecting building materials. However, while you may be used to simply asking your friends for help, these materials are earned instead by collecting from themed Nighttime Buildings.

When you click on the "Show Me" button under each particular ingredient, you'll be taken to the store to see a list of items that will drop those materials. While many cost City Cash, there are some that cost coins, like the Limousine Rental business that costs 80,000 coins, or the City Frat House that costs 50,000 coins. You can purchase more than one of these cheaper buildings if you'd like, but remember to keep tending everything you build to earn these ingredients. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive just three energy and 500 Goods.

Safety First!

  • Upgrade the Nighttime Space Needle to Level 3

  • Ask friends for 12 Safety Cable

  • Collect Red Signals

The Nighttime Space Needle is in itself a community building offering 2,000 citizens to your town's maximum population cap at Level 2, and this number will only increase as you continue to upgrade it. In addition, each upgrade increases the chance that you'll receive a Light when you collect from it, with Level 3 offering a 30% chance. For completing this second quest, you'll earn 100 XP and 50,000 coins.

Let's Keep Upgrading

  • Upgrade the Nighttime Space Needle to Level 4

  • Have 11 Nighttime Space Needle Buildings

  • Collect 15 Blue Signals

The fourth Level of the Space Needle offers 2,250 citizens to your population cap, and increases the Light drop percentage to 50%. If you're tired of building the same two items to collet these upgrade ingredients (including the Blue Signals), you can also build items like the Laugh Shack and Silver Screen Theater businesses, but they're both more expensive at 300,000 coins each. When you complete this quest, you'll receive 200 XP and three Zoning Permits.

It's Upgrade Time!

  • Upgrade the Nighttime Space Needle to Level 5

  • Ask friends for 18 Super Powerful Binoculars

  • Collect 20 Green Signals

Again, the upgrade process will increase the amount of citizens the Space Needle allows in your town, with Level 5 providing a boost of 2,550 citizens. You'll also jump up to a 75% chance of receiving a City Light each time you collect from the Space Needle. Even if you don't happen to receive a Light, you'll still receive 250 coins in earnings each day. After you complete this quest, you'll receive 100,000 coins and three Bonus Crew members that can be used to staff buildings.

Blue in the Face!

  • Upgrade the Nighttime Space Needle to Level 6

  • Ask friends for 24 Bungee Cords

  • Collect 25 Blue Signals

For this final upgrade, you'll be required to collect more building materials than in any stage before, but the prizes are definitely worth it. At Level 6, your Space Needle will provide a 3,000 citizen boost to your town's maximum population cap, and you'll have a 100% guarantee to receive a City Light each time you collect from the building from then on. In addition, reaching Level 6 gives you a special separate prize of 1 million coins that can be used to buy yourself something fun after all of this hard work. In addition to all of this, when you finally complete the construction of the Space Needle, and finish this final quest, you'll receive another 150,000 coins and 10 energy for a job well done. Good luck!

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What do you think of this massive building project? Have you already started working on your own Nighttime Space Needle? How much progress have you made? Sound off in the comments!