CastleVille 'Phoenix Aviculture' Quests: Everything you need to know


As you work to complete the Phoenix Rising quests in CastleVille, you'll automatically unlock a second quest series from Alistair that also deals with our new Phoenix "pets." These quests are called Phoenix Aviculture, and there are four to complete in all. We're here with a look at these new quests and what it takes to complete them, thanks to Zynga. Let's gets started!

Seeded Learning

  • Place the Blazefruit Tree in your Kingdom

  • Mine 3 Times

  • Collect from 1 Fire Burner

You'll receive both the Blazefruit Tree base and 10 Fire Burners for free as part of this event, but if you happen to have tended all of your current Fire Burners before activating this quest, you can purchase more in the store for 100 coins each. They're "ready" as soon as you place them, so just purchase one and then tend it to quickly complete this task. As for the Blazefruit Tree, this is a building project of sorts, but you won't have to actually build anything for now. Completing this first quest gives you 1,000 coins and 20 XP.

Fire Sprout

  • Finish the Blazefruit Tree

  • Have 3 Trowels

  • Collect 5 Pails of Water

The Blazefruit Tree can be built by collecting two Iron Bars, 10 Stone Blocks, 12 Red Feathers, and one Tree Trimmer. All of these items can technically be earned on your own, but you can also ask your friends to send you the Stone Blocks and Red Feathers, which will hopefully save you time in the long run. The Iron Bars and Tree Trimmer, though, must be crafted on your own. Meanwhile, the Trowels can be earned by posting a general request on your news feed, so try playing the game on for these sorts of tasks, as you'll earn items from strangers faster than you would from your friends (in theory). When you finish this second quest, you'll receive another 1,000 coins and 20 XP.

A Perfect Nest

  • Upgrade the Blazefruit Tree

  • Craft 1 Fish Fillet

  • Place 5 Decorations

The Fish Fillet uses four Fish, four Eggs, two Flour Sacks and two Sticks of Butter and can be crafted in your Kitchen. It takes 30 minutes to prepare. Meanwhile, you can upgrade the Blazefruit Tree by collect eight Fiery Fertilizers, four Mortars, eight Ambers and three Tree Trimmers. The Fertilizer can be earned by posting a news item on your wall, and the Amber can be earned by sending out individual requests to friends, but the other two items must be crafted on your own. You'll receive 1,500 coins and 30 XP when you finish this quest.

Hot or Cold?

  • Complete the Blazefruit Tree

  • Craft 2 Flaming Swords

  • Craft 2 Ice Cream

The final upgrade to the Blazefruit Tree requires 10 Jars of Salve, three Ice Picks, two Iron Axes and three Tree Trimmers to complete, and you'll need to craft all of these items except for the Jars of Salve, which can be earned by sending out individual requests to your CastleVille neighbors. Meanwhile, the Flaming Swords can be crafted with items like Iron Bars, Alchemist Powders and Ambers, and the Ice Cream is created with Ice Chunks, Milk and Honey. Once you finish this final quest, you'll receive 1,500 coins, 30 XP and five Phoenix Feed, and will have a Blazefruit Tree that will give you more fruit to create even more Phoenix Feed into the future. Good luck finishing them all!

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What do you think of these Phoenix Aviculture quests? Do you think they'll be easier to complete than the quests that require you to actually raise Phoenixes? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!