Zynga.com lowers the drawbridge for Kingdom Quest by Playdemic

Kingdom Quest Zynga.com
Kingdom Quest Zynga.com

If you love CastleVille, then you'll adore Kingdom Quest on Zynga.com--wait, that doesn't sound right. (Hey, we'll be damned if the two don't look at least a little alike.) Playdemic, the UK-based creator of Gourmet Ranch, has returned with its first game on Zynga's own game platform and Facebook. Available now, in Kingdom Quest players must rebuild a kingdom destroyed by an evil warlord.

After opening with the dramatic destruction of their kingdom at the hand of villainous overlord Lord Osric, players will complete sprawling quests, mine for resources, craft items to sell and explore a vast map. Of course, the story of Kingdom Quest is led along by a cast of likely characters, such as friendly monk Brother Martin, mysterious knight Sir Borin and more. (Again, we must be missing the difference.)
As any decent social game should, Kingdom Quest will allow players to visit their friends' kingdoms to help them with tasks and ask for their help in return. It seems like the major differential for Kingdom Quest is a system that allows players to buy and sell goods amongst one another through a trading post. If that tickles your fancy, then Kingdom Quest is ripe for the playing.

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