ChefVille 'Thanksgiving Feats' Quests: Everything you need to know


Late last week, we speculated that ChefVille players would soon be greeted with a Thanksgiving event. While our poll confirmed that the majority of players would only want to participate in the event if Mastery Stars were available instead of Ribbons, they are once again the name of the game here. If you're willing to participate in this new timed, themed event, you can now complete a series of four quests called Thanksgiving Feats.

Loving the Oven

  • Place the Thanksgiving Oven

  • Serve 2 Dinner Rolls from the Thanksgiving Oven

  • Buy 4 Thanksgiving Decor Items

The Thanksgiving Oven can be placed by clicking on the button in this quest window, and it thankfully doesn't require building. You'll immediately get to cook dishes, starting with the Dinner Rolls that require three Flour and two Milk each. They can be cooked in just three minutes, and they're just one of three dishes available to cook right from the start of this event. As for the decor items, these are items like Thanksgiving Counters, Tables, Potted Plants and more, which can all be found in the "New!" section of the game's store (the very first tab at the top). When you finish this first quest, you'll receive four XP, four Long Grain Rice and will unlock the Sweet Potato Biscuits recipe, which rounds out of the four recipes in the Thanksgiving Oven.

Sweet on Sides

  • Place and Build the Sweet Potato Shelf

  • Tend Sweet Potato Shelf 3 Times

  • Serve 2 Seasonal Stuffing

The Sweet Potato Shelf can be purchased from the game's store for 200 coins. Once placed, you'll need to spend three energy to unwrap the item, and will then need to collect three Bountiful Baskets, four Tuber Ties and three Potato Sacks to finish it. The Bountiful Baskets can be earned via a general news item placed on your wall, while the other two items are earned through individual requests sent to your friends. Once it's done, it can be tended every five minutes.

While you're waiting for those items to arrive, you can cook the Seasonal Stuffing. A single batch requires two Cranberries, three Wheat Bread and two Onions to create, and it only takes one minute to cook. As we told you before, you'll likely need dozens of these Cranberries, which grow on bushes, to complete this overall Thanksgiving event, so only tend them when you really need them. (This will allow the bushes to spread, creating more on your restaurant's land.) Completing this quest gives you 30 coins, two Unsalted Butters and three Romaine Lettuce.

Room for More

  • Upgrade Thanksgiving Oven to Level 2

  • Have 5 Thanksgiving Ribbons

  • Cook 5 Broccoli Casseroles on the Thanksgiving Oven

Even though this Thanksgiving event has only just begun, by the time you are finished cooking just two dishes, you'll be asked to upgrade your Oven to unlock more. This upgrade is accomplished by collecting two Thankful Tales, two Fall Festivities, three Wistful Wishes and three Autumn Abundances. The Wistful Wishes and Autumn Abundances are earned by posting general news items on your wall, while the other two items are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. This Broccoli Casserole dish is only available after you finish the upgrade, so make sure to pour all of your concentration into that for now. A single Broccoli Casserole takes one Broccoli, one Sweet Potato and one minute to cook. When you complete this third quest, you'll receive 15 XP, two Corn and three Oranges.

Corn Utopia

  • Serve 6 Deviled Eggs

  • Give 9 Roses to Customers

  • Have 2 Ribbons for Sweet Potato Casserole

Both the Deviled Eggs and Sweet Potato Casserole can be prepared on the Intermediate stage of the Thanksgiving Oven. The Deviled Eggs require one Egg, one Mayo and one Pepper each and can be cooked in two minutes. Meanwhile, the Sweet Potato Casserole can be prepared using one Sweet Potato, one Egg and one Flour. It takes five minutes to prepare, and its first ribbon is earned after three servings.

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What do you think of these Thanksgiving Feats quests? Will you try to earn all of the Ribbons and prizes via this event, even though the Ribbons don't count as Mastery Stars? Sound off in the comments!