ChefVille 'Remixed Fixings' Quests: Everything you need to know


This Thanksgiving, Colby is looking for a "hip" place to hang out with his friends in ChefVille, and he's chosen your restaurant as the place. You'll need to complete his series of three quests to earn your "hip" appeal, though, and you'll be required to use collect and use quite a few Cranberries along the way (I hope you followed our advice and let those Cranberry Bushes spread). We're here with a guide to completing Colby's "Remixed Fixings" quests, so let's get started!

I Love the Cranberries

  • Place and Build the Settler's Sauce Pan

  • Tend Cranberry Bushes 12 Times

  • Craft 4 Batches of Cranberry Sauce

The Settler's Sauce Pan costs 100 coins to purchase from the store, and it's a single-square appliance similar in shape to the Mayonnaise Dispenser, Toaster, or any other small appliance in your game. After you place it in your restaurant, you'll need to spend three energy to unwrap it, and must then collect a pair of building materials in order to finish it. You'll need to collect four Seasonal Strainers and three Cranberry Catchers to finish the Settler's Sauce Pan, with the Cranberry Catchers being earned through a general news post on your wall, and the Strainers coming via individual requests.

As for the Cranberry Bushes, you can either tend your own bushes until you reach 12 total tends, or you can also visit friends and tend their bushes. Not only does this save you energy from tending your own bushes, but it allows you the chance of earning bonus cranberries for free, which is always a good thing. Finally, the Cranberry Sauce can be cooked inside the Settler's Sauce Pan using three Cranberries and one Orange each. Luckily, the batches of sauce take only 30 seconds to create, so once you tend enough bushes for Cranberries, you can fly through the rest of this quest pretty easily. Finishing it gives you 10 XP, two Turkeys and four Broccoli.

Plate Taste-onics

  • Have 3 Ribbons for Dinner Rolls

  • Visit 4 Neighbors

  • Cook 3 Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Both the Dinner Rolls and Whipped Sweet Potatoes are cooked in the Thanksgiving Oven. The Dinner Rolls require two Flour and two Milk each, while the Whipped Sweet Potatoes require one Sweet Potato, one Milk and one Salt. The Dinner Rolls take longer to cook, at three minutes (compared to the Sweet Potato's two minute requirement), but you'll have a head-start on earning its Ribbons via the Thanksgiving Feats quest that were available from the beginning of this event. When you complete this second quest, you'll receive 30 coins, three Eggs and two Apples.

Talking Turkey

  • Serve 1 Turkey Sandwich from the Thanksgiving Oven

  • Get 6 Sandwich Wrappers

  • Give 10 Chef's Services with Turkey Sandwiches

This Turkey Sandwich dish is locked until you complete more quests in the Thanksgiving Feats quests, as it's unlocked along the way. When you do unlock it, you'll need two Cranberry Sauces, two Turkeys and one Romaine Lettuce to prepare a single Sandwich. It takes an hour to cook. Meanwhile, the Sandwich Wrappers are earned by posting a general request on your wall for help.

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