Want to make games at Zynga? Then get yourself on 'The Job' [Report]

Zynga HQ
Zynga HQ

Before you ask: Yes, "The Job" is an upcoming reality show that will appear on CBS in short order. According to a source familiar with the matter, the house that built FarmVille will hire one associate game designer that participates in the upcoming game show to work in its San Francisco office. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. (For publicity, we mean.)

Open casting calls for the program took place in San Francisco and New York early last month, according to the show's home page, and shooting began last week, our source tells us. The casting call for Zynga's future associate game designer was held in the Bay Area, according to a non-disclosure agreement provided to the tipster in error during shooting for a different episode, for the eighth episode of the first season.

The shoot would have likely included Zynga executives interviewing potential candidates on camera, two rounds of quizzes and missions for the candidates to complete, the source tells us. Later during the shoot, three industry-related guests were likely brought in to make bids on the candidates for them to join their own companies, based on what the tipster witnessed for a different episode of "The Job" shot in New York.

It's not exactly a huge leap for Zynga to work with CBS on such a show, especially considering the promotions that the two companies have already worked on together. Remember the Big Brother event in Hidden Chronicles, or how about those old rumors that Draw Something was to become a game show on CBS? Something tells us this is going to be much, much more entertaining. We've reached out to Zynga for comment.

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