Wizard101 opens the world of Azteca, complete with 'Aztecosaurs'

Wizard101 Azteca
Wizard101 Azteca

Yep, that's what the dinosaur-like critters in the eighth expansion of Wizard101 are called. Known as Azteca (the second world introduced to the hit family MMO this year), this new land to explore offers 13 zones to conquer and a new level cap of 90. The path to 90 will be filled with new Astral spells as well as new Azteca-themed spells to master as well as a new crafting tier.

Of course, with that comes new crafting recipes to learn, new gear to acquire, pets to tame and new mounts to, well, mount. (Not like that--this is a children's game, for crying out loud!) Developer KingsIsle Entertainment teased all of this new content a few weeks back, but now it's available for all to see ... well, as long as you have 12,000 Crowns (or you're a Wizard101 member).
"In Azteca, Wizards will face challenges and consequences on a scale they've never encountered before in Wizard101," said Todd Coleman, vice president and creative director at KingsIsle Entertainment. "While we've always known that the archvillain Morganthe is up to no good-in Azteca the stakes become crystal clear."

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