Otto Kusec of Croatia Paints Room to Look Like VW Beetle Interior

Living inside of a car doesn't sound so fun -- unless you've pulled it off the way one man has.

Nineteen-year-old Otto Kusec, who lives in Croatia, created one of the most amazing living spaces we've ever seen: He painted his room to look like the interior of a VW Beetle.

Kusec told AOL Real Estate that it took him three to four days to paint his masterpiece. Car blog noted that the walls of Kusec's room appear to portray a pre-1962 Beetle with a sunroof, an aftermarket fuel gauge and a wicker under-dash tray. (We don't know what that is -- we deal in homes, not cars).

"I've loved cars since I can remember, and since I can't afford to have one of my own, this is as close as I can get," Kusec wrote on Jalopnik about his room in his mother's two-story home. "The idea came to me when I banged my head on the slanted roof. Some time later, I realized that the angle of the wall kinda looks like a windshield of a car. Then I thought it would be cool to do the whole room as the interior of a car."

Want to see the whole awesome thing? Click through the gallery below. And, hey, have you done a home project that you think is even cooler than this? Tweet it to us at @AOLRealEstate or post it to our Facebook page.

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