FarmVille Mystery Game (11/12/12): Bring music to your farm with these animals

Over the past few days, Zynga has released a slew of items in a new "Rock the Farm" theme in FarmVille, bringing music, bright colors and jammin' animals to our farms for both coins and Farm Cash. To go along with this theme, the FarmVille Mystery Game has been updated with a series of Rock the Farm items. This week's game costs 16 Farm Cash per dart to play, but if you want these items for free, make sure to look in your Gift Box for any darts that you may have won previously. We're here with a look at the prizes in this week's Mystery Game, with details and images being discovered by FarmVille Freak. Let's get started!

Flute Mama Bear
Keyboard Hamster
New Wave Cow
Pink Bass Gorilla
Punk Dog
Punk Pegacorn

If you can win one of each of these six animals, you'll receive a free Drum Bird as a bonus prize. Just remember that this could turn into a really costly item, as there's no guarantee that you won't receive duplicates of the six "normal" prizes along the way in your quest to earn at least one of each. Remember, these items will only be available for a single week, so if you're going for this Drum Bird, we wish you the best of luck!

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What do you think of this Rock the Farm theme in FarmVille? Will you try to win all seven prizes in this week's event? Which prizes did you win this week? Sound off in the comments!