FarmVille 2 Yard Sale: Everything you need to know


One of the best things about simulation Facebook games like FarmVille 2 is the freedom users have in decorating their land to fit their own play style and personalities. As players level up and earn coins at different rates, their farms become more unique, with decorations you may have never even noticed in the store before. If you happen to like an item that you see on a friend's farm, but don't know what it's called, the game's new Yard Sale feature will solve that issue.

When you visit a friend's farm and hover over an item like a decoration, you'll be shown a pop-up that tells you the name of the item and its price in Farm Bucks or coins. If that price is acceptable, you can simply click on the button to purchase one for your farm back home. That's a great convenience, similar to that of the Model Farm back in the original FarmVille, but how useful it will be in the long run remains to be seen.

Luckily, even though you will see these prices automatically when hovering over an item, there's a confirmation window that appears to stop you from accidentally clicking to spend money (or, more importantly, Farm Bucks) when you didn't really mean too. Additionally, if you hover over an item that's no longer available in the market, you still won't be able to purchase it. Still, this is a neat new feature that's worth trying out at least once.

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Have you found anything that you wanted to purchase through this new Yard Sale addition, or has it just become more of an annoyance in your game? Sound off in the comments!