FarmVille 2 Furnace: Everything you need to know

Since crafting is one of the biggest parts of gameplay in FarmVille 2, you might often find yourself running out of "Power," the flame currency that allows you to create recipes in the game's Crafting Kitchen. To help solve this issue, you can now place and build a Furnace on your land, which works similarly to how a Well works. That is, where a Well provides extra water when tended, a Furnace will provide extra Power.

You'll receive the base to a Furnace for free the next time you head into the game. If you need to take a second and reorganize your farm to make room for it, it will bounce into your inventory where it can be placed later.

Once placed, you'll immediately need to start collecting parts to finish it off. You'll need eight Wood Planks, eight Fire Bricks and eight Metal Grate Bars. All of these items are earned by asking your friends to send them to you via individual requests, rather than general news posts.

After the Furnace is built, you'll be able to collect from it once per day to earn 10 free Power. That's a lower rate of return than Wells, which are ready every four hours, but I suppose some free Power is better than none. What's more, if you place a Farmhand on top of the Crafting Kitchen, it will give you five extra Power as well. With this new Furnace and that helpful tip, your productivity should shoot up, allowing you to earn more coins as you play. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Furnace in FarmVille 2? Will you build one even though you can only collect from it once per day? Sound off in the comments!