SimCity Social 'The Fabulous Baker Boy' Quests: Everything you need to know


As Animal Week continues in SimCity Social, players can complete not only a set of "Accidentally on Porpoise" quests for a new Megaquarium and Dolphin Pool, but they can complete a set of quests titled "The Fabulous Baker Boy." This set will reward players with a Creampuff Factory, if they manage to finish these quests in time. That's right, our progress is being timed here, and there are only 11 days to finish these quests before they expire.

Lions and Tigers and Bears!

  • Perfect Biff's Cookies 3 Times

  • Have Innovation

  • Earn 500 Simoleons from Bakeries

The "Biff's Cookies" task can be completed at a three-star bakery. You can use the same bakery three times, or you can even visit your friends' bakeries and tend theirs, instead of your own, saving you energy. A three-star bakery produces 180 Simoleons every five minutes, so thankfully that task doesn't take an incredibly long amount of time to finish either. Finally, the Innovation can be earned from completing University jobs, so check out our guide to the University feature for more. Completing this first quest gives you two XP and three Business Savvy.

Me Want Cookie!

  • Build an Animal Cookie Factory

  • Collect 3 Dog Houses

  • Collect an Animal Mascot

The Animal Cookie Factory is available to purchase in the game's store for 3,000 Simoleons. It has a low rate of pollution and pays out 35 Materials every six minutes. The base requires three energy to build, and from there you'll need one Animal Mascot, one Ribbon Prize and one Kibbles to finish its construction. Finally, the Dog Houses are earned by asking your friends to send them to you via individual requests, rather than a general news feed post.

Mini Mogul

  • Find 3 Buyers for Biff's Cookies

  • Perform 5 Taste Tests

  • Collect 1 Entrepreneurship

Finding the Buyers can be completed at Supermarkets, and you can use your friends' Supermarkets if you don't have your own. Similarly, the Taste Tests can be conducted at Convenience Stores, but you can use your friends' to finish this task as well. Finally, the Entrepreneurship can be collected from a University job, but if your inventory is already full of them, this task will never finish. You can hold 10 in your inventory, so if you're already full, you'll need to find something in your town that will let you spend them, like an upgrade to the actual University, for instance.

A Byte of Cookie

  • Have a Computer Factory

  • Prepare a Business Proposal

  • Present to 3 Businesses

If you don't have a Computer Factory already, you can purchase one from the store for 200 Fame Ribbons (the ribbons you earn from interacting with items in your friends' cities). You can then prepare the Business Proposal at the Computer Factory after its built. Finally, while the Businesses task might make it sound like you can present to any kind of Business, it actually requires Office Buildings, so you might need to visit your friends' towns to find some to interact with in order to finish this quest.

Cookie Dough

  • Earn 250 Materials from the Animal Cookie Factory

  • Build a Hippo Pond

  • Have 5 Cowbells

First things first, the Cowbells drop when interacting with farms, but you can also earn them by simply asking your friends to send them to you. As for the Materials task, remember that these are earned at a rate of 35 Materials every six minutes. Obviously, you're in for a wait to actually earn 250, since the factory produces so few from the start. Finally, the Hippo Pond can be purchased in the store for 50,000 Simoleons. It's a decoration that offers a +40 population boost to surrounding homes.

A Fresh Batch

  • Have a 1-Star Animal Cookie Factory

  • Build a Panda Park

  • Earn 300 Materials from the Animal Cookie Factory

The Panda Park is another item that can be purchased from the store, as you're looking for the "Panda Bamboo Park" under the featured section in the store. It costs 16,000 Simoleons to purchase and offers a +22 population bonus to your town's homes. Meanwhile, the upgrade to the Animal Cookie Factory requires two Ribbon Prizes, two Kibbles and one Cowbell, as seen below. While you can technically interact with farms, factories and businesses to earn these items, the drop rate is low, so you're much better off simply asking your friends to send them to you.

Biff Blows his Bonus

  • Collect from Banks 5 Times

  • Build the Biff Wing

  • Collect 10 Ribbon Prizes

The easiest way to collect the Ribbons is to simply ask your friends to send them to you. As for the Biff Wing task, this can be accomplished at a 3-Star Zoo. If you don't have one of your own, you can interact with one of your friends' Zoos as well. Finally, a Bank costs 9,000 Simoleons in the store, if you don't have one or more already.

Abe's Angst

  • Earn 1 Creativity

  • Earn 1 Big Idea

  • Have a Unicorn Ranch

As with the Entrepreneurship above, these Creativity and Big Idea items come from completing University Jobs, but if your inventory is full of them, you'll need to empty it out to have these tasks count when you earn more. Remember that you can spend these sorts of items on upgrading the University itself, so hopefully you haven't maxed out on those upgrades either. Finally, the Unicorn Ranch costs 750 Fame Ribbons, and is found under the "Friend & Foe" section in the store (the masks).

When you complete this final quest, you'll receive the Creampuff Factory we mentioned previously. But remember, if you don't complete these quests within the next 11 days, they'll expire and take any hope of receiving this factory for free along with them. So, get to it already.

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What do you think of the requirements and prizes in this "Fabulous Baker Boy" quest series? Do you think you'll be able to finish them all within the next 11 days? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!