CityVille 'City at Night Act 1' Quests: Everything you need to know


Taking inspiration from its sequel, CityVille 2, the original CityVille on Facebook now allows for nighttime play, as the "City at Night" saga will introduce you to all of the fun your citizens can have after the sun sets for the evening. This saga comes complete with three Acts, and we're here with a guide to completing the first act of goals, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Check in Time!

  • Complete the Majestic Plaza

  • Switch to Night

  • Collect 3 Lights from the Majestic Plaza

The Majestic Plaza is a massive new item that takes up a full expansion square of space that has been given to you for free on the game board, as you can see below. To build it, you'll need to complete five different areas of the entire structure, starting with building an Indoor Waterfall. you'll need to collect 12 individual Indoor Waterfall pieces by posting a general news item to your wall, so you're encouraged to play the game on so that you can earn these news feed items more quickly than by simply waiting for your friends. Each stage requires a different item, such as Velvet Ropes for stage three.

In addition to these building materials, you'll also need to collect 150 Room Keys, with keys coming from "Night Time" Buildings. If you're looking to increase your town's supply of Night Time buildings, you can head into the game's store and choose "Night Time" from the drop down menu of available themes. There, you'll find a few pages of items, most of which cost City Cash, that would give you Room Keys. Items like the Candle Cottage and Party Plaza cost coins, so feel free to spend 50,000 coins for each Candle Cottage and stock up on Room Keys for a relatively low price.

To complete this goal, you'll need to flip the light switch on the right size of your game's screen to change to night mode, and then collect the three lights from the Majestic Plaza, which can only be earned during nighttime in your city. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive 50 XP and 25,000 coins.

Dress for Success

  • Ask friends for 10 Nightclub Shirts

  • Place Night Lamps

  • Collect 15 Lights from Nightlife Buildings

As is the case with many other "sagas" in CityVille, you can complete all three of Act 1's goals at the same time. That being the case, you can work on collecting these Nightclub Shirts by posting a general news item on your wall, and you can find matching "Night Lamps" items in the Night Time section of the game's store. When you finish this second goal, you'll receive 100 XP and 5,000 Goods.

Flash in the Pan

  • Ask friends for 15 Diamond Earrings

  • Have 5 Night Life Buildings

  • Reach Light Level 5

The Diamond Earrings are earned by posting another item to your news feed for everyone to help. Meanwhile, reaching Light Level 5 is the current maximum, and it can be reached by collecting Lights from your Night Life buildings. The more Lights you collect, the higher level you'll have, so it's all a matter of repetition until you reach Level 5. You'll receive 250 XP, 100,000 coins and 10 energy for completing this final goal in Act 1. If you've completed all three goals in this first Act, you'll also receive the Nighttime Tower, a large skyscraper. Good luck!

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What do you think of this new ability to play CityVille at night? Will you turn off the lights in your own city, or do you like playing during the day instead? Sound off in the comments!