Pioneer Trail Turkey Stampede: Everything you need to know

There's no question that Thanksgiving's mascot is the turkey, and with that in mind, Zynga has released a new set of "show" turkeys in Pioneer Trail that you can raise with your friend over the next few weeks. There are goals to complete in this overall "Turkey Stampede" feature, and we're here with a guide to finishing them off, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Turkey Track

  • Harvest 10 Cranberries

  • Train a Stampede Turkey 5 Times

  • Place the Turkey Track

A classic Stampede Turkey is available to purchase from the store for just 570 coins. It's the least impressive of the four new Stampede Turkeys, but you can train it with the help of a friend just the same. You'll have a week to train each of these Show Turkeys once you begin, and will earn rewards based on their "speed" at the end, rather than their weight (like in the Prized Pig event). The Turkey Track itself is another multi-stage building project that will see you collecting items from friends, tending items on your own Homestead and even crafting items to complete.

For instance, this first stage requires you to collect four Mega Grow and six Lane Markers from friends. You'll also need to tend Adult Chickens and harvest Apple Trees to earn items like Survey Stakes and Grass Fertilizer, and will even need to craft Aerators and Grass Trimmers on your Workbenches. When you finish this first goal, you'll receive 500 XP, two Gobbler Grow and a Turkey Statue.

Turkey Training

  • Harvest 25 Sunflowers

  • Train a Stampede Turkey 15 Times

  • Upgrade the Turkey Track

In addition to the classic Stampede Turkey, you can also purchase and raise a Buff Stampede Turkey for 19,000 coins or two other turkeys that are premium. A Slate Stampede Turkey costs 5 Horseshoes, while a Fancy Stampede Turkey costs 60 Horseshoes (it also has the highest "show rating"). Unfortunately, you won't actually unlock the Buff Stampede Turkey until a bit later on. You'll need to collect items like Ice Baths and Thumb Timers from friends, while crafting others like Training Sleds using Sled Harnesses (tend Adult Pigs) and Skids (ask friends). When you complete this second goal, you'll receive a Spirit Eagle, Antelope, and will unlock the Buff Stampede Turkey we talked about earlier.

Turkey Talents

  • Tend 10 Antelope

  • Train a Buff Turkey 20 Times

  • Upgrade the Turkey Track

Even though you just received one Antelope at the end of the last goal, if you want more, you can earn more for free via the game's free gifts page. Just make sure to ask your friends to send you some if that's the specific item you want (since the page is full of so many others). This upgrade of the Turkey Track requires you to ask for Number Bibs and Green Flags from friends, while tending Bees and Fig Trees for others. You'll even need to craft two items using items like Spoked Wheels (tend Adult Oxen), Leather Hinges (tend Hide Prepping Stations) and Gate Releases (ask friends). When you complete this goal, you'll earn a Slate Turkey, five Chickpeas and a Start Gate Key. This key is needed for the final upgrade of the Turkey Track.

Turkey Talents 2

  • Harvest 40 Chickpeas

  • Race 5 Stampede Turkeys

  • Finish the Turkey Track

The Chickpeas are a new six hour crop. While you just received five from the last goal, the others can be earned via the game's free gifts page. That being the case, make sure to occasionally check your in-game inventory to see if your friends have sent you any Chickpeas that you happened to have missed. For the final stage of the Turkey Track, you'll thankfully be required to earn one item less than these other stages, since you already have the Start Gate Key from above. You'll still need to ask your friends for Race Clocks and Checkered Flags, and will need to feed Adult Cows to earn Cowbells that drop at random. There are two final crafting projects to round out this event, and for finishing this final goal, you'll receive a Fancy Turkey, a Turkey Cart and 10 Fowl Fitness.

In addition to all of this, there's a final goal that will allow you to earn Horseshoes upon completion. Of course, it's the hardest goal of this entire event, so go in with that in mind.

Stampede Turkeys

  • Earn 5 Top Turkey Trophies

These trophies are earned by raising and training a turkey to the point where it clocks it at over 25 MPH when it's measured at the end. If you can manage that hefty task, you'll receive 10,000 XP, 10 Horseshoes and a Turkey Perch for your Homestead. Completing these goals will also unlock the ability to store your Show Turkeys in your Show Pen, along with your other show animals. Good luck completing all of these goals before Thanksgiving!

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What do you think of these Show Turkeys and the Turkey Track? Will you try to finish yours before Thanksgiving, or are you too busy working on other things?