FarmVille Rock the Farm Items: Everything you need to know

If you're looking for some fun and colorful items to purchase for your farms in FarmVille, look no further than the current "Rock the Farm" series of limited edition items. This theme combines music with a splash of Christmas to offer limited edition trees, decorations and even a new crop. We're here with a look at these new themed items, so let's get started!


Teddy Bear - 5 Farm Cash

The 5 Farm Cash gets you a seven day permit to plant as much as you'd like in an attempt to harvest the crop. You'll be able to sell a single square of the Teddy Bear for 65 coins, and it takes just four hours to grow. You'll gain 2 XP for each square tended, and the first star of mastery is earned at 1,200 harvests.


Electric Guitar Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Record Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Speaker Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Glitter Microphone Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Stage Lights Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Git-tar Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Teble Clef Tree II - 8 Farm Cash
Keyboard Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Bass Clef Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Saxophone Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Boss Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Singing Swan - 10 Farm Cash
Tambourine Chicken - 18 Farm Cash
One Duck Band - 16 Farm Cash
Drum Sheep - 16 Farm Cash
Saxophone Duck - 16 Farm Cash

Mohawk Unicorn - 30 Farm Cash
Punk Elephant - 15 Farm Cash
Boombox Kangaroo - 15 Farm Cash
Metal Hair Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Rock Lobster Corgi - 2 million coins or 12 Farm Cash
Bass Bear - 12 Farm Cash


Speaker Barn - 15 Farm Cash
Record Store - 15 Farm Cash


Keyboard Cat - 12 Farm Cash
Trumpet Mouse - 10 Farm Cash
Drummer Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Rock N Roll Car - 5 Farm Cash
Show Lights - 10,000 coins
Mod Rock Gnomes - 15 Farm Cash
Guitar Balloon - 2 Farm Cash
Record Flowers - 5,000 coins
Xylo Hog - 10 Farm Cash
Mandolin Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Juke Box - 50,000 coins
Woodstock Parrot - 5 Farm Cash

Some of these items will be available for the next 13 days, but many expire much earlier than that. If you're having trouble finding an item, make sure to use the Market's search bar to find it more easily, and stay tuned for more on your favorite limited edition item themes in FarmVille!

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What do you think of these Rock the Farm items? Which ones will you purchase for your farm(s)? Will you purchase the crop license to the Christmas-themed Teddy Bear crop? Sound off in the comments!