CityVille Mystical Scene Goals: Everything you need to know


A trio of mysterious, magical buildings has appeared in our towns in CityVille, as a wizard has put an enchantment on our city. This feature is called the "Mystical Scene" and it's available to players that have reached at least Level 20 in the game. Once you've hit that milestone, you'll be able to complete four goals in order to unlock for different floating items, including a business, residence and community building.

Even though these four buildings are all in the same theme, the fourth is locked until you receive the other three. In addition, each of the three buildings are earned via completely separate goals and tasks. We're here with a look at unlocking all four, thanks to Zynga. We'll start with the Floating Waterfall Gardens, which is actually the final prize for this entire Mystical Scene event.

A Little Magic

  • Complete the Enchanted Ascent Goal

  • Complete the When Homes Fly Goal

  • Complete the Sky High Goal

Each of these three stages refers to one of the three buildings you'll unlock in this event. By completing all three goals, you'll finish this final goal automatically, and will receive the Floating Waterfall Gardens for your town. Now let's take a look at what it takes to complete these three steps.

Enchanted Ascent

  • Expand out to the Hovering Cafe

  • Ask friends for 20 Mystical Dust

  • Harvest 75 Crops

The Hovering Cafe will be found a few squares away from your town's current borders, unless you've already expanded to the full game board. If that's the case, you'll find this Cafe in your inventory. As for the Mystical Dust, it's earned by posting a general news item on your feed, so it's worth CityVille on long enough to post these sorts of requests, as you'll earn these items much faster as a result. Finally, the crops task can be fulfilled with any sort of crop, regardless of growth time. If you're in a hurry, plant something like Strawberries, but if you're multitasking, feel free to plant something that you need for another goal, completing two tasks at once. You'll receive not only the Hovering Cafe, but also 3 Zoning Permits and 5 Energy for completing this goal.

When Homes Fly

  • Finish the Flying Mansion

  • Collect from the Hovering Cafe 10 Times

  • Collect from 80 Residences

The Flying Mansion is another building that must be expanded to in order to use, and it even requires building materials to finish off. You'll need to collect nine Gyroscopes, nine Propellers, and nine Anti-Gravity Stones in order to finish its construction. When you first expand to the building, it will be covered in clouds, but those clouds will part revealing the final Flying Mansion when you're done. For completing this goal, you'll of course receive the Flying Mansion, but will also receive 7 Energy and 700 Goods. The Flying Mansion itself offers at least 1,000 citizens to your town, but can be upgraded through random population drops to offer 1,960 citizens at the high end.

Sky High

  • Finish the Floating Museum

  • Collect 5 Times from the Flying Mansion

  • Collect from Businesses 90 Times

As you've probably noticed, even though these goals are separate, they all must be completed in a very specific order, as the Flying Mansion task asks you to tend the Hovering Cafe, and this goal asks you to tend the Flying Mansion. Obviously, you would need to complete the goals above this one in order to even be able to complete this third goal, but you can work on its side-tasks in the meantime. Remember, you can always collect from Malls to tend businesses in bulk. To actually finish the Floating Museum, you'll first need to expand out to it, and must then collect 12 Gyroscopes, 12 Anti-Gravity Stones and 12 Propellors to finish it off. The finished product is a community building that allows for 2,000 extra citizens to live in your town. You'll receive 3 Bonus Crew members and 50,000 coins for finishing this final goal.

Remember, by the time you've completed this third goal, you'll have received the Floating Waterfall Gardens as well. This item is a decoration that offers a 10% payout boost to surrounding homes and businesses, and a 100% payout bonus to other "Enchanted" items. Good luck unlocking them all!

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What do you think of these four floating items in your city? Will you try to unlock all four of them, or do you prefer the items in your city to be more down-to-earth? Sound off in the comments!