ChefVille: Cranberry bushes are a sure sign of things to come


Last week, we asked a question: is a ChefVille Thanksgiving event worth playing, if we're only earning Ribbons and not Mastery Stars? It looks like we'll be able to decide the answer to that question for ourselves in the very near future, as Cranberry Bushes have started randomly spawning on our land.

These Cranberry Bushes are much like Wild Onions or Mushrooms, in that they seem to grow and spread at random. It's likely that the upcoming Thanksgiving event will require dozens of these Cranberries, which is why we're being given a chance to collect them now. Each Cranberry Bush can be harvested four times, with no waiting time between each harvest, but remember: if you get rid of all of your Cranberry Bushes right now, you might need to wait quite some time before more will randomly appear on your land.

If anything, this is a perfect opportunity to refresh our minds on random crop growth. You'll want to keep these Cranberry Bushes are far away from other items as possible, so that they have the most room to grow (both diagonally and in a straight line). If you'd like, feel free to place a row of fencing beside the Bushes to stop them from growing in a certain direction, but always leave at least two empty squares around them to allow for growth. We'll make sure to let you know when a full-fledged Thanksgiving event launches in our games, but for now, use your time wisely when it comes to stocking up on these Cranberries!

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Are you excited to see what's in store for us in a Thanksgiving event? Have you received any Cranberry Bushes on your land, or are you still waiting for some to randomly appear? Sound off in the comments!