Removing Rodents Without Killing Your Budget

Savings Experiment: Mice Removal Mice are pests that no one wants to see in their home, but getting rid of them can be costly, not to mention unpleasant. Here, our experts show you how to remove rodents in humane and budget-friendly ways.

First, avoid messy spring loaded traps and invest in Mice Cubes. They're a little pricey at $10 to $12 for a pack of four, but they're worth it. Not only are they reusable, but they're cleaner and more convenient than spring traps. On top of the cost of the cubes, you'll just need enough peanut butter on the door to leave a scent, as well as a little bait to attract the mice.

For an even cheaper option, use a toilet paper tube. Put a morsel of food at the end of a tube and balance it at the edge of a countertop or table. Then, place a tall garbage bin underneath it. The mouse will crawl into the tube, and its body weight will cause it to fall into the bin. Make sure your garbage can is tall enough so that the mouse can't get out.

The cheap way to catch a mouse in your houseThe best method of keeping mice at bay, though, is prevention. Store food in mouse-proof containers, like glass jars or other air-tight canisters, and remember to cover pet food when it's not in use. Using these tips, you'll be sure to rid yourself of rodents without ripping through your budget.
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