Monster Galaxy: Exile sends players to a new dimension on iOS, Android

Monster Galaxy ExileWhile the latest Pokemon game likely has your eyes glued to your DS or 3DS console, developer Gaia Interactive hopes you can peel those peepers away for a moment and try its brand new release in the Monster Galaxy series: Exile. Available now for iOS and Android devices, Exile picks up directly where the first mobile Monster Galaxy game, The Zodiac Islands, left off earlier this year.

As the world's greatest monster tamer, players suffer another trick of the evil King Otho's, which sends them to a prison dimension with just one of their monsters on hand. Now, you must tame a new team of elite monsters, fight your way out of the prison dimension known as Exile and reclaim your title as Master Tamer.

Monster Galaxy Exile screens"Gaia's goal is to make games that capture the imagination with beautiful artwork and compelling design. Our Monster Galaxy franchise has delighted millions of players -- and we're just getting started. I'm thrilled for our fans around the world to experience the next chapter of Monster Galaxy," Gaia Interactive CEO Mike Sego said in a release. "I'm also super excited about our partnership with Radar Pictures to bring Monster Galaxy to the big screen."

So, that Monster Galaxy movie is most definitely still in the works. But until that fateful when a Facebook and mobile game becomes a feature film, let the latest Monster Galaxy hold you over. With 14 new worlds to explore in Exile and 200 new monsters to battle and capture, surely you can hold out for a little longer.

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