FarmVille Return to Jade Falls Goals: Everything you need to know

After the successful return of the English Countryside in FarmVille last month with the release of the Return to England goals, Zynga is hoping to please fans a second time by offering prizes for returning to Jade Falls. Appropriately, this event is called "Return to Jade Falls," and it comes with nine goals to complete over the next 30 days (yes, that's a full month). We're here with a guide to finishing these goals, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Soft As Silk

  • Get 6 Silkworms

  • Harvest 30 Unagi

  • Make 6 Takoyaki

For this Silkworms task, and every other task that asks you to get a specific number of collectibles, you'll be able to earn these items by posting a general request on your news feed asking for help. As for the Unagi, this is a fast-growing water plant that can be grown in just four hours. Finally, the Takoyaki can be created in your Tea Garden using three Unagi, one Squid and two Wheat bushels each. You'll receive 50 ZP, a Black Dragon Tree and 4,250 Jade Coins for finishing this first goal.

Outside the Box

  • Get 7 Bamboo Boxes

  • Harvest 45 Baby Corn

  • Make 6 Ikura Nigiri

The Baby Corn is a crop that can only be planted on Terraces, but it never withers, so feel free to plant it while you're working on completing the first goal above in order to save time when you actually reach this goal. As for the Ikura Nigiri, this recipe can only be crafted inside a 3-Star or higher Tea Garden, and it uses one Squid, two Wasabi and three Rice Bushels. You'll receive 100 ZP, a Samurai Crab and 8,500 Jade Coins when you complete this goal.

Smooth Sailing

  • Harvest 35 Imperial Tea

  • Harvest Samurai Crab 2 Times

  • Make 6 Oolong Tea

First things first, get that Samurai Crab into an animal storage building as soon as possible so that you don't have to wait as long for it to become "ready" on its own. Inside a building, you're guaranteed to be able to harvest the animal once per day, which saves time in the long run. As for the Imperial Tea, this is a regular crop that can be planted on grass and is ready to harvest after one day. Unlike the Baby Corn above, this Imperial Tea can wither, so make sure you keep that in mind when farming ahead. Finally, the Oolong Tea can be crafted in a 3-Star Tea Garden using two Imperial Tea, two Lotus and three Green Tea Bushels. For completing this goal, you'll receive a Turbo Charge, 150 XP and 12,750 Jade Coins.

Pad the Results

  • Get 8 Guaze Pads

  • Harvest 60 Water Cress

  • Master Samurai Crab to 1 Star

The Water Cress takes 12 hours to grow, and it can only be planted on Terraces. If you've yet to expand your land to hold more Terrace crops at once, make sure you check under the "Farm Aides" section of the store to see if you have enough Jade Coins to expand to a greater size. While you may not come back to this farm too often after these goals are completed, you also have no other outlet for using those Jade Coins, so you might as well make life a bit easier on yourself now if you have enough. For completing this goal, you'll earn 150 XP, a Parasol Tree and 12,750 Jade Coins.

Chow Mein Time

  • Harvest 40 Sticky Rice

  • Harvest 40 Jade Bamboo

  • Make 6 Chow Mein

Sticky Rice can be planted on Terraces, and each square takes one full day to grow. Meanwhile, the Jade Bamboo can be planted on regular grass and only takes 12 hours to grow. Luckily, these crops won't get in the way of each other in terms of your allowed plot squares, so feel free to plant them both at once on different sides of your farm to save time. While you're waiting for these crops to grow, you can cook the Chow Mein in your Tea Garden using three Jade Bamboo, one Sticky Rice and three Basil Bushels each. This recipe is available for a Level 2 Tea Garden, so you're guaranteed to have it if you've made it this far (since earlier goals required a Level 3 Tea Garden). You'll receive 300 XP, a Mystery Game Dart and 21,250 Jade Coins for completing this goal.

Around the Bush

  • Get 8 Mulberry Leaves

  • Harvest 60 Prawns

  • Make 8 Kimchi

The Prawns are water crops that take eight hours to grow, and while that may not be enough time to also account for all of the crafting you have to do in the Tea Garden, this crop at least won't tie up your land squares for too long into the future. Speaking of crafting, you can create a single Kimchi in a 4-Star Tea Garden using one Jade Peanut, two Wasabi and one Cabbage Bushel. You'll be rewarded with 200 ZP, a Giant Silk Moth and 17,000 Jade Coins when you complete this goal.

A Frame Up

  • Get 8 Bamboo Frames

  • Harvest 60 Imperial Rice

  • Make 8 Congee

This goal is a bit confusing, as it says we need to harvest Imperial Rice. However, this looks to be a combination of Imperial Tea and some form or Rice, and we're working on clarifying which crop we specifically need to plant for this goal. In the the meantime, you can start working on the Congee crafting, which is done in a 5-Star Tea Garden. You'll need one Millet, two Prawn and three Wheat Bushels to craft a single batch of Congee, so make sure you use up all of your daily "purchases" from friends' stalls in order to keep yourself (hopefully) fully stocked on the Bushels you need to finish these dishes. You'll receive a Chinese Cobra, 300 ZP and 21,250 Jade Coins when you finish this goal.

Worm Your Way

  • Harvest 100 Horseradish

  • Harvest Chinese Cobra 2 Times

  • Make 10 Bibimbap

As with the Samurai Crab before, you'll want to make sure that your Chinese Cobra (that you received at the end of the previous goal) is placed into an animal storage building as quickly as possible to save time. Then again, since you have to craft so many Bibimbaps, it's likely that you would reach two harvests of the Cobra in the same amount of time either way. As for the Bibimbaps itself, you'll need to craft 10 batches using one Sticky Rice, three Sichuan Pepper and two Pepper Bushels each. You'll receive 400 ZP, a Book of XP and 42,500 Jade Coins for completing this goal.

Smooth as Silk

  • Get 24 Boiling Kettles

  • Harvest 100 Pearl Barley

  • Master Chinese Cobra to 1-Star

Since it will likely take you so much time to finish the Bibimbap task above (or even harvesting the Horseradish which is a 12-hour crop), you very well might have earned one star on the Chinese Cobra before reaching this goal, but if not, feel free to move the snake between animal storage buildings to "boost" things along a bit. Finally, the Pearl Barley takes 12 hours to grow, but it only grows on Terraces, so make sure you have some of those squares free for planting before you get to this goal. For completing this final goal in the entire Return to Jade Falls series, you'll receive 400 XP, a Wutong Tree and 42,500 Jade Coins. Good luck!

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What do you think of these goals in the Return to Jade Falls series? Are you happy to once again see Jade Falls receive new content, or are you tired of that particular farm? Sound off in the comments!