FarmVille Fall Fashion Store: Everything you need to know

The Face-Off feature isn't the only new "This or That" event currently taking place in FarmVille, as fashion fans can now display their tastes via a new Fall Fashion Store that's available to place and upgrade on our farms. The Fall Fashion Store comes with 12 different questions, each of which can be posted on your news feed as you ask your friends for answers. Technically, your friends are supposed to respond to these news feed items as though they were answering personality questions about you, but we all know it's much more simple than that. Simply post an item to your news feed asking your friends to "vote left" or "vote right" so that you can earn the items you're most interested in.

Once you place the Fall Fashion Store, you'll immediately be able to start asking for votes, and we're here with a complete look at the 24 prizes available in this event, thanks to Zynga.

Question 1: Skinny Jeans Ostrich or Bootcut Jeans Ostrich

Question 2: Messenger Bag Turtle or Backpack Turtle

Question 3: Duck with Gloves or Duck with Mittens

Question 4: Peacoat Penguin or Puffy Jacket Penguin

Question 5: European Silver Fir Tree or Metallic Fir Tree

Question 6: Corduroy Chicken or Chicken in Jeans

Question 7: Wooden Button Tree or Zipper Tree

Question 8: Fedora Fox or Beanie Fox Terrier

Question 9: Raincoat Tree or Autumn Umbrella Tree

Question 10: Cow in Sweater or Cow in Hoodie

Question 11: Hot Pink Tree or Denim Tree

Question 12: Boot Horse or Sneaker Horse

Remember, your Fall Fashion Store will change in design and complexity as you and your friends make choices, and you can complete this event all over again after you first finish it to win the rest of the available prizes. If you'd rather not waste time asking your friends for help, you can also purchase prizes with Farm Cash. This Fall Fashion Store likely won't be active forever, so make sure to ask you friends for votes as early and as often as you can in order to win everything. Good luck!

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What do you think of the prizes in this Fall Fashion Store event? Will you repeat all 12 questions in order to earn the other prizes, or will you just stick with your favorite item from each individual pair? Sound off in the comments!