ChefVille The Revolution Begins Quests: Everything you need to know

The Jamie Oliver event in ChefVille continues to expand, as yet another specialized cooking station has been released in our restaurants. In addition to the Meatballs and Pasta Station, players can now place and build an Evolution Tomato Salad Station via a quest series called "The Revolution Begins." We're here with a look at these new quests, so let's get started!

Real and Fresh

  • Place and Build the Evolution Tomato Salad Station

  • Harvest Romaine Lettuce Stall 8 Times

  • Serve 5 Wild Mushroom Salads

The Wild Mushroom Salads are cooked on the Salad Station using one Romaine Lettuce, one Mushroom and two Tomatoes. A single batch takes two minutes. While you're waiting for those to cook, you can start collecting building materials for the Evolution Tomato Salad Station. It requires four Helping Hands and five Wooden Spoons. The Helping Hands are earned via a general news item posted on your wall, while the Wooden Spoons are earned by sending out individual requests to your friends.

As for the Lettuce task, a single stall is ready to harvest every five minutes, buy you can harvest your friends' stalls as well in order to finish this task more quickly. When you complete this first of two quests, you'll receive 20 XP, an Orange Tree and one Tuna ingredient.

Sharing is Caring

  • Serve Evolution Tomato Salad 4 Times

  • Give 5 Chef's Services with Evolution Tomato Salad

  • Give 5 Roses to VIPs

The Evolution Tomato Salad Station can be thought of as an ingredient stall, only instead of producing an ingredient, it produces a dish that can be served with one click every thirty minutes. That means that you'll need to spend at least two hours on this quest to serve the dish four times. While you'll earn coins for serving these sorts of dishes, it doesn't appear that we'll earn mastery stars for them (although that could change in the future). You'll only have two more days to finish these two quests, so good luck!

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What do you think of this new Salad Station in ChefVille? Do you like these sorts of stations are worth building, since they don't offer ingredients? Sound off in the comments!

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