Zynga's next 'mid-core' game, Battlestone, looks like gorgeous, violent fun


Between gorgeous mobile games like Horn and interesting social games like Woodland Heroes, Zynga seems serious about growing its "mid-core" game selection through acquisitions and publishing. Next in line to fulfill Zynga's mission is November Software with Battlestone, the new title for the developer's working prototype, Golden Arrow.

Zynga (likely impressed by the teaser below) actually acquired the four-person team back in Spring of this year. That means Battlestone could be the first mid-core game to come from Zynga developed in-house. Former November Software co-founder Szymon Swistun isn't ready to provide details just yet. But he did have this to say about November Software's founding and the mission statement for (what was at the time) Golden Arrow:

"The first step we took towards this goal was to build our own cross-platform 3D engine from the ground up. We focused on delivering high-quality 60 fps capability on mobile, fast workflows, and on-demand content streaming," Swistun wrote in a blog post on Zynga.com "After we created our homegrown tech, we went through several game concepts before rallying around a new take on action combat for mobile, code-named (at the time) Golden Arrow."

So, that's the level of quality we can expect from Zynga's first homemade (sort of) core-focused mobile game, Battlestone. With a game as grandiose as this on the way (and folks like Mortal Kombat co-creator John Tobias living in the FarmVille house), will Zynga solidify its position as a "hardcore" mobile and social game provider, too? Judging from that early footage, consider this editor cautiously optimistic.

Are you psyched to see what becomes of Battlestone? What do you think of Zynga's focus on "mid-core" games? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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