The Sims Social 'Secrets of Ancient Egypt' Quests: How to finish them fast

The Sims Social Secrets of Ancient Egypt Quests
The Sims Social Secrets of Ancient Egypt Quests

In The Sims Social, archaeologists Ida and Larry need your help to find the hidden mysteries that exist in Cleopatra's palace. In exchange, not only will you have a fantastic adventure but you'll score two whole expansion plots for your Vacation home. With so much to discover, you don't have much time to sit around – let's take in the sights and sounds of the mystical land of Egypt, and uncover the secrets of Cleopatra's boudoir, thanks to The Sims Social team at Playfish.

Step 1 – Egyptian Dreams!

  • Clear away 3 shattered urn around Cleopatra's Palace

  • Build a base for Cleopatra's Bed

  • Feeling Spooked Out

Shattered urns should be scattered around the location, if you don't see any try coming back in a while to see if new pieces have appeared. Complete the first step 'Hammer Base in Place' to begin building the base for Cleopatra's bed. Click on Ida in the location and select the option Feeling Spooked Out to complete this task. Rewards: 10 LP, 15 XP, 1 Energy, Cloth.

Step 2 – Egyptian Dreams!

  • Have 3 Glyph

  • Complete the first STAGE of the Cleopatra's Bed

  • Compare notes with Ida

To collect the Glyph clear piles of sand and shattered urns, just ask friends. Complete the entire first stage of Cleopatra's Bed by completing all five steps. To compare notes with Ida, click on her in the Egyptian ruins and 'Compare Translations' three times. Rewards: 15 LP, 20 XP, 2 Energy, Cleo's Silk.

The Sims Social Egyptian Dreams Quests
The Sims Social Egyptian Dreams Quests

Step 3 – Egyptian Dreams!

  • Complete the first stage of the Egyptian Urn Painting Station

  • Complete the second stage of Cleopatra's Bed

  • Present Results

To complete the first stage of the Egyptian Urn Painting Station you will need to complete all four of the steps. The second stage of Cleopatra's bed will require you to complete all seven of the steps. Click on Ida and then select the option Present Results to complete this task. Rewards: 20 LP, 25 XP, 2 Energy, Glyph.

Step 4 – Egyptian Dreams!

  • Clear 3 piles of sand

  • Complete the last stage of Cleopatra's Bed

  • Walk Like An Egyptian

You will find piles of sand scattered around the location. If you can't see any, come back later to see if new ones have appeared. To complete the last stage of Cleopatra's bed complete all of defined nine steps. To walk like an Egyptian, click on the Sarcophagus and select the option. Rewards: 25 LP, 30 XP, 2 Energy, Golden Thread.

Step 5 – Egyptian Dreams!

  • Post up the anti-curse and get friends to help

  • Have 3 Cleo's Silk

  • Activate Anti-Curse

Post a feed about the anti-curse and get three friends to click on it and help you. Collect Cleo's Silk by clearing piles of sand. To activate the anti-curse click on Larry and select that option. Rewards: 30 LP, 40 XP, 2 Energy, Egyptian Cat Sculpture.

The Sims Social Egypt Week
The Sims Social Egypt Week

Once you complete all the steps mentioned about your first leg of the journey through Egypt should be complete and you will have a fabulous bed fit for a Queen and a magnificent cat sculpture to prove it. Next week, you will meet the other archaeologists working on the site and uncover Cleopatra's beauty secrets, too.

Collectibles Required:
Cleopatra's Bed:
Power Drill (2), Hammer (4), Dreams (7), Love (3), Crystals (22), Cloth (10), Relaxation (7), Ruby (21), Cleo's Silk (27), Glyph (25), Red Fabric (13), Gold leaf (15), Paint (4), Emerald (14), Soft Pillow (4), Deep Thought (6), Golden Thread (18), Zen Crystal (9), Exotic Forest Wood (11), Steel (10), Clues (10), Saw (5), Golden Thimble (9), Admiration (6), Culture (7), Hint (6)

Egyptian Urn Painting Station:
Paint (6), Duster (1), Driftwood (8), Pencil (1), Power Drill (6), Cloth (2), Glyph (20), Love (4), Cleo's Silk (17), Admiration (16) Exotic Forest Wood (3), Wrench (4), Golden Thread (3), Ruby (2), Deep Thought (3), Gold leaf (7), Crystals (5), Golden Thimble (4)

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