My Little Pony gives iPhone, iPad gamers a healthy shot of saccharine

My Little Pony Screens
My Little Pony Screens

That's right, bronies and pegasisters, the game just for you has finally arrived. Gameloft has released its take on the hit modern rendition of My Little Pony on iOS devices. Available for free, My Little Pony is essentially a city-builder with all the trimmings of the hit cartoon from fans' favorite ponies to official voice talents lending their vocals to the game.

In My Little Pony, players will help ponies like Twilight Sparkle build their very own PonyVille and play games with them as they unlock more ponies and special buildings. While mini games and managing your PonyVille seem to be the main draw of My Little Pony on iOS, players can also socialize by visting their friends' pony paradises.

But since you're probably already knee deep in digital glitter at this point, we're just going to stop there. Check out our hands-on preview of My Little Pony on iPad right here. If you're an Android user, it looks like that will have to hold you over, as Gameloft is currently working on an Android version of PonyVille--err--My Little Pony.

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