Knightly Adventure leads players on a journey across iOS, Facebook

Knightly Adventure screens
Knightly Adventure screens

Building kingdoms and battling monsters is one thing--nearly every hardcore social game does it. But to be able to do that on a multitude of devices no matter where you are ... now that's something. Pangalore, the Korean studio behind some of the most gorgeous HTML5 games on Facebook, has accomplished the feat in Knightly Adventure for iOS, Facebook and (soon) Android.

Knightly Adventure, a free-to-play fantasy RPG, lets players choose from four character classes (most of which going for paid currency) through which to build an island kingdom and defend it from monsters on numerous missions. The game swaps back and forth from being a traditional city-builder to a Diablo-style action RPG, though the two go hand-in-hand.
During our time with Knightly Adventure, this editor found that the two portions of the game act in sync: Players plant crops and harvest resources on the island, kill the time waiting for those to yield by killing monsters in quests, use those resources to craft new weapons and gear to complete even more daring quests, and the cycle continues.

While the city-building portion of Knightly Adventure doesn't feel any more interesting than your run-of-the-mill simulator game on Facebook, it's the combat that stands out. While it essentially amounts to tapping things and waiting for them to die, that process becomes more interesting as the monsters grow more powerful and you need to adventure with friends. But who has time to set up play sessions every night anymore?

To remedy that, players can recruit their friends' avatars, complete with up-to-date weapons, skills and armor, to go on quests with them, albeit for a price. (Just in-game coins this time, folks.) Sure, it's nowhere near dungeon crawling with friends in real time, but this game isn't for that crowd--it's for that crowd that wants to do that on a regular basis, but simply can't dedicate the time. (Like this writer right here.)

It also helps that dungeon crawling is a treat to look at, too. Built using Unity and HTML5, Knightly Adventure could be the go-to game for fantasy RPG fans that are increasingly time-strapped. (Though its user interface and font design is a little rough around the edges.) If that sounds like you, then it certainly wouldn't hurt to give Knightly Adventure a go.

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