Is Zynga's Adventure World about to go the way of Forrestal?

Indiana Jones Adventure World
Indiana Jones Adventure World

You know, this guy? It would make sense, given that the game's developer, Zynga Boston, has already been pegged for closure by Zynga. While neither have gone and outright said that Adventure World is through, the Zynga Boston team provided a somber update on its forums.

"Adventure World is a unique Zynga game experience, with full maps and adventures for players to progress through. However, since Adventure World requires extensive map creation and engineering," community manager Scooch wrote, "we've had to scale back on the development resources available to it so we can continue to focus on bringing you new social games. As a result, we recently made the decision to suspend the creation of new content for Adventure World."

It's that last sentence that stings worst. That's it: No more new content will be developed for Adventure World. At this point, all that's left is to maintain the game's existence on some servers. As of this writing, the game is home to just 140,000 monthly and 80,000 daily players, according to AppData.

With numbers like that, it would be wise not to expect Adventure World to be around for much longer, but we've reached out the Zynga for comment on that. Here's perhaps a more interesting unknown: Now that Disney bought Lucasfilm (and LucasArts), the creator of Indiana Jones, will the next game based on the professor/adventurer/snake-hater come from Playdom? Disney Mobile? All this editor knows is that we better see a Star Wars social or mobile game before that.

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