'Tis the Season of FarmVille Mistletoe Lane: Is it worth getting there early?

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane
FarmVille Mistletoe Lane

It never fails. Every season I'm surprisingly shocked when the Halloween and Fall decorations make their way to store shelves earlier and earlier than the year before only to be rushed out by the Christmas decorations way before the month of December. I'm all about decorating my home for the seasons throughout the year, but I must admit I'm not very good at transitioning. There's something so sad about un-decorating that makes it easier to procrastinate. Besides, Christmas lights and putting up the tree in early November, the day after Halloween, are never okay with me. This is kind of how I feel about the debut of a new FarmVille destination wintery holiday farm, FarmVille Mistletoe Lane, earlier this week.

Early access to FarmVille Mistletoe Lane farm launched Monday, November 5th. This means that you will have to pay Farm Cash to get there early before regular free access rolls out on November 19th.I was still relishing in the Halloween spirit of the FarmVille Haunted Hollow farm. I wasn't ready to put up my Christmas Lights or sip Hot Cocoa in the snow covered landscape of Mistletoe Lane, but my curiosity and eagerness for more virtual real estate got the best of me. On to Winter Wonderland, I mean, Mistletoe Lane, I marched.

What about Winter Wonderland?

I've heard many farmers say, "Don't we already have a winter holiday farm?" Yes and no. Winter Wonderland farm is not going anywhere. You can choose to keep farming there or ignore it for the FarmVille wintery escape of 2012. Yes, we already have a FarmVille winter themed farm, but it is not the same as the new Mistletoe Lane. There are new features in Mistletoe Lane that are exclusive to that farm and you won't find them in Winter Wonderland. If you are worried about all your decorations from Christmases past currently residing on Winter Wonderland- there will no doubt be an option to move them to Mistletoe Lane, but expect to shell out a hefty amount of Farm Cash (at least when it's first available).

Purchasing Early Access

Will you pay Farm Cash to get to Mistletoe Lane early? Is it worth it? Let's take a closer look. I'm once again reminded of those somewhat rude early arriving Christmas decorations that hit the store in August. If you want to purchase them early you have to pay full price, but you have the first pick and you get to enjoy them longer. The same goes for purchasing early access to FarmVille Mistletoe Lane. Although you have to pay Farm Cash, there are perks involved. You can enjoy it almost two weeks before it's available to everyone else. You will have access to the new crops, market items, plus there are exclusive quest lines as well as their rewards, and Zynga has even thrown in a free Tundra Reindeer to sweeten the deal. These things may not matter to you, but if you are a FarmVille quester and enjoy the freebies there's some pretty nifty rewards up for grabs. See the FarmVille Mistletoe Lane quest guides here.

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Early Access:

·35 Farm Cash

·Access to FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Farm

·Mistletoe Lane crops

·Mistletoe Lane market items

·Chapter 1 Mistletoe Lane Quest & rewards (if completed)

·Chapter 2 Mistletoe Lane Quest & rewards (if completed)

·Free Tundra Reindeer

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Farm Preview

If you still aren't sold on the early access bundle, here's a quick recap of what you can expect to see upon arrival.

Mistletoe Lane for Starters:

·12 x 12 FarmVille farm

·Farm Cash or Farm Coins work here (no special currency needed)

·Mistletoe Lane Market Stall

·Storage Cellar

·Holiday Orchard (incomplete)

·Snow Globe Tree

·Rudolph Sheep

Similar to previous FarmVille destination farms, there are exclusive features that are unique to Mistletoe Lane. You won't find these features accessible on other FarmVille farms because it's what makes Mistletoe Lane sparkle.

Mistletoe Lane Exclusive Features:

·Cheer Points or CP (XP system)

·Patisserie Craft Shop (for crafting recipes)

·Nick's Running for Mayor challenges

·Animal Workshop

·Holiday Town Square

So what's my take on it? I purchased early access and I do not regret it, but there's something about Mistletoe Lane that feels kind of forced. Since it is a winter farm, it's almost impossible not to compare it to Winter Wonderland and I can't say that Mistletoe Lane is better. Although it was never meant to replace Winter Wonderland, there's just something about Mistletoe Lane that bothers me. Maybe it's because I feel that my holiday decorations just look better in the completely snow covered farm of Winter Wonderland. In the winter setting of Mistletoe Lane there's mostly greenery with snow-capped trees after a first winter's snow.

Then, there's the storyline. Same story we've heard before-- the town needs our help restoring the farm to its former glory. We meet some familiar faces and also some new characters such as Tiller Sisters' brother Nick (not St. Nick or Santa) who needs our help getting elected as town mayor. Oddly enough, Nick holds fort in a voting booth found at the top left of our Mistletoe Lane farm. Although, it is likely a nod to the recent presidential election, it seems misplaced and strange in Mistletoe Lane.

I'm farming on Mistletoe Lane, but I'm not willing to give up Haunted Hollow just yet and that's okay.

For more detailed information about FarmVille Mistletoe Lane farm, visit this handy guide by clicking here.

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