ChefVille Aftertaste: If ChefVille celebrates Thanksgiving, will you play along? [Poll]

Last week, we examined the reasoning behind earning limited Ribbons as opposed to Mastery Stars in ChefVille, when it comes to limited edition themed events like the County Fair and Halloween Ball. Now that it's November, the amount of holiday content spread across our favorite Facebook games is about to explode beyond belief. That leaves us to speculate about the future of ChefVille until the end of the year. Will ChefVille throw a Thanksgiving Feast event, and if so, should you actually try to complete it?

The American Thanksgiving is only two weeks from today. So, if Zynga were to release themed Thanksgiving content, it would need to do so as quickly as possible in order to give players enough time to finish what would likely be difficult quests. The event would also not be able to stick around well after the holiday, when interest vanishes or simply moves to Christmas. If there's ever been a Thanksgiving event that would make sense in a Facebook game, it's definitely ChefVille, since both the holiday and game are about cooking a ton of food. But if a Thanksgiving event saw players earning something like "Harvest Ribbons" rather than Mastery Stars, would players really have the incentive to participate?

As we draw closer to Christmas, the real world grows more hectic with family and friendly gatherings, and time for Facebook games might shrink. Would a limited edition event that only rewards players with a non-functional decoration, or cooking appliances that will never be touched afterward, really be worth the effort of completing it? (That's especially the case now with so many other standard quests to complete to just advance the storyline.) Personally, I'm not so sure it's worth it.

While these limited edition events are always available to complete voluntarily, and we're not "forced" to do anything, it does present a valid question as to whether a Thanksgiving event should even happen. Would you play through such an event and try to earn all of the "Ribbons" available, or would you only invest your time and ingredients if you knew Mastery Stars were available on the other side? Speak your mind in the poll below:

Which option did you choose in our poll? Have something unique to add to the discussion? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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