Angry Birds Star Wars hits mobile, PC and Mac in less than 12 parsecs

Angry Birds Star Wars
Angry Birds Star Wars

Forget the Kessel Run, developer Rovio and Lucasfilm have announced and released Angry Birds Star Wars to pretty much all devices (aside from Blackberry) faster than you can say "Han Solo shot first!" That's right, regardless of whether you're on board, Angry Birds Star Wars is here, a mash-up of one the greatest sci-fi franchises known to man with one of the most prolific mobile games known to man.

The result? Consider this almost another film (a spoof, if you will) in which the Angry Birds play all of the important roles. The Red Bird is Luke Skywalker, with lightsaber and all, while the Yellow Bird is Han Solo, blaster in non-existent hand, so on and so forth. At least judging from this early play footage, it looks downright adorable, and a fun sci-fi take on the Angry Birds Space formula.

Will mega fans of the franchise approve? Probably not, considering they're sticks in the mud. (I mean, come on, you guys and gals petitioned about this.) But who cares. If you downloaded Angry Birds Rio or played the hell out of the Green Day levels in Angry Birds Friends on Facebook, chances are you're not even reading this anymore. I could even say this: spoiler: Black Bird, or Obi Wan Kenobi, dies at the end. Boom.

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