1 Company Disrupting the Beverage Industry


In this video, Motley Fool Consumer Goods Analyst Blake Bos talks about how every industry should always be cautious of a disrupter that will challenge the status quo, and how Sodastream (NAS: SODA) just may be that disrupter. It's had major growth in Japan, with an eye to expanding into China and India, and is looking to compete aggressively with the traditional beverage titans. Blake lets us know how pleased Sodastream shareholders should be, and just how worried the major cola players really need to be.

SodaStream offers an intriguing opportunity for growth that may be harder to compete with than you might think. Our premium report on SodaStream explains the opportunities, as well as the risks in the company. The report comes with a year's worth of updates, so just click here to get started.

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