Zynga's RewardVille will hand out its last prize on December 5


Life at Zynga must be incredibly interesting right now. One the one side, you have the successful games like FarmVille 2 and CityVille 2 that have recently launched on Facebook, and on the other side, Zynga is in the process of announcing a full list of 13 games that will be no more in the near future. While we've already learned the closure dates for FishVille, Vampire Wars, Treasure Isle and three Zynga Japan games, it looks like Zynga has officially abandoned the RewardVille project, as it too will be shutting down on December 5.

RewardVille was launched in the Spring of 2011 as a way to reward dedicated Zynga players will zCoins, a type of virtual currency that could be collected and spent in bulk on exclusive or normally premium rewards for some of Zynga's biggest games at the time (including Treasure Isle and Vampire Wars). After the addition of games like Indiana Jones - Adventure World, however, the program was all but scrapped, as Zynga never updated the rewards list with any "new" games like CastleVille, or more recently ChefVille or FarmVille 2. The entire RewardVille site simply sat unused, as players could potentially earn thousands of zCoins that would have no real purpose other than earning duplicate items that they may not need.

Now that RewardVille is officially being closed, the mood shouldn't be all bad, as Zynga has announced that it is closing RewardVille to make room for "bigger and better things." The catch? It looks like any new rewards we'll earn will be exclusive to games that are available to play on Zynga.com, rather than Facebook proper. Of course, that announcement itself raises questions, as many of Zynga's games still aren't available to play on Zynga.com. This could be a step backwards for veterans of games like FarmVille, that will now have no rewards program to access, new or old. One final question takes us back to the list of 13 games that Zynga has decided to close. Does RewardVille count as a "game," and therefore falls into that group of 13 products, or is this just another casualty of Zynga's restructuring that many players expected all along? We've reached out to Zynga for comment, and will update this space if we hear back. Stay tuned!

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[Via: CEGamers]

How many zCoins have you earned in RewardVille? Will you now go on a shopping spree, or are there even any games available in RewardVille that you still play? Sound off in the comments!