Wonder Zoo Giveaway: Win $50 worth of Peanuts for in-game boosts

Wonder Zoo giveaway
Wonder Zoo giveaway

NOTE: This giveaway is officially over, and a winner has been chosen. Check your Facebook Mesages to see whether you won!

Let's face it: We all love cute animals. (If you don't, then we can't be friends anymore.) But you might not always have access to adorable wildlife in the fur, so what do you do? Gameloft--yes, the same folks behind the upcoming My Little Pony game--has an answer: Wonder Zoo.

In this free-to-play simulator game, you build, design and curate an amazing zoo, complete with silly crossb-bred species sourced from animals found across five unique locations. And Gameloft wants to give one lucky animal-lover a healthy head start with 1,100 Peanuts (the game's paid currency). That's $50 worth of in-game boosts, items and more. Check out how you can win below.

How to Win:

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Step 2. Go to our Facebook fan page and click "Like". This enables you to leave posts on our Wall.

Step 3. Leave a post on our Facebook fan page answering the following question:

Wonder Zoo allows players to cross breed all sorts of wild animals to create interesting and goofy new species. If you could cross breed any animals, what would they be and why?

(Example: I would cross breed a slow loris with a flying squirrel, because what could possibly be cuter than a slow loris? A slow loris that can fly. That's what.)

Next week, the Games.com council of elders will choose one winner and reach out to him or her on Facebook for their Gameloft ID or email address to provide to Gameloft. So, if you leave a post, definitely check your Facebook inbox and submission next week.

Sound easy enough? Good luck!

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