Another falls: Zynga Japan says goodbye to three more games

Zynga's eastern front seems to be in a sad state of affairs. Zynga Japan will shut down three of its games following the announcement that Zynga proper has considered shutting down the studio entirely. The games in question include ones released worldwide and others that, according to Serkan Toto, were quite popular on Japanese social networks.

For starters, Montopia, the Pokemon-like, card-battle-style game recently released globally, will be no more Dec. 21. Following that game into oblivion on the same day is Mojitomo, or the Japanese version of Words With Friends. Finally, Machitsuku, a city-builder game with a large following on Mixi (one of Japan's leading social networks), will be no more come Dec. 21.

On its company site, Zynga Japan has announced that the closure process has already begun, with in-app purchases disabled in Montopia on iOS and Android. (Paying Montopia players will be offered a special code to acquire items in Zynga Japan's other card battle game, Ayakashi Ghost Guild, on Nov. 21.) Mojitomo had already been removed from the Japanese App Store and Google Play prior to the announcement. In-app purchases will be removed from Machitsuku on Nov. 14.

Serkan Toto points out that, after these games are no more come Dec. 21, Zynga Japan will have exactly one game in its portfolio: Ayakashi Ghost Guild. Closing all but one of Zynga Japan's games certainly points toward the studio soon closing entirely, but we've reached out to Zynga for comment on that possibility. Zynga provided the following response:

Zynga strives to provide players with the most fun and exciting social games. While Montopia, Mojitomo, and Machitsuku! players will no longer be able to make in-game purchases after November 6th with the planned closure of the games on December 21st, we encourage fans to continue playing the global version of Ayakashi: Ghost Guild as well as Zynga's other games. We sincerely thank our dedicated community of players for their supporting of these games since they launched.

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