FarmVille Face Off: Everything you need to know


Apparently, the "This or That" features in FarmVille have performed so well that the folks at Zynga have decided to release a similar feature without a particular theme, but with even more dependance on other players than before. The FarmVille Face Off feature is now available to access via the Face Off icon on the right side of your farm's gameplay area, and when you click on it, you'll find seven rounds of "This or That" prizes that could potentially be yours.

The first round sees players voting between an Architect Sheep and a Preppie Duck. Depending on the item you want to win most, you'd click on the matching "Vote and Ask" button to share a news post to your wall asking your friends for help. Once you've asked the first time, you can ask again in 60 minutes, and you can collect votes in this first round for 25 hours from the time of this writing.

What makes this feature interesting is the dependance on all farmers to play and gather votes as well. In each Round of the FarmVille Face Off feature, all farmers will vote for their favorite item of the two, and if that item happens to gain the most votes throughout each Round's time period, than all players that voted for that prize will win it in the end. If you didn't vote for the winning prize, you'll receive a consolation prize. In this first example between the Sheep and Duck, for instance, the consolation prize is Flower Food.

If you're ever afraid that your favorite item won't win the popular vote amongst all farmers, you can always purchase that particular prize with Farm Cash. Likewise, if you assume that you are voting for the most popular item, you can also purchase the expected "loser" just to make sure you have one of each when everything is said and done. It's always possible that additional Face Offs will be added after these first Seven rounds are over, so stay tuned for more!

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