CityVille Good Samaritan Civic Center: Everything you need to know


Zynga has once again stepped into the realm of charity, as it has partnered with Direct Relief International to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. This newest charitable cross-promotion takes place in CityVille, as players are allowed to purchase a new "Good Samaritan Civic Center" for their towns.

This Good Samaritan Civic Center is a community building that boosts your maximum population allowance by 1,780 citizens, and it can be purchased only with an outright cash donation (that is, you can't use your City Cash reserves to purchase it). It costs $5 to purchase, with 100% of the purchase price going to Direct Relief International's efforts.

This building will only be available to purchase for a limited time, so make sure to donate fast if you're interested in claiming this exclusive item for your town.

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What do you think of this charity community building in CityVille? Will you donate to the relief fund to receive your exclusive building? Let us know in the comments!