ChefVille Mayonnaise Dispenser Quests: Everything you need to know

It's become a tradition in ChefVille that updates come in pairs, and this week's release of both the Sandwich Station and the Mayonnaise Dispenser carries on in that trend. The Mayonnaise Dispenser is introduced by Ginger via a set of two "Mayo Mania" quests that concentrate on not only the building of the Dispenser, but also the cooking of some appropriate dishes. We're here with a look at these quests, so let's get started!

So Much Salad

  • Place and Finish the Mayonnaise Dispenser

  • Harvest Mayonnaise Dispenser 4 Times

  • Make 2 Macaroni Salads

The Mayonnaise Dispenser can be placed out of you inventory and then "unwrapped" with three clicks. From there, you'll need to collect 10 staff members to actually finish the Mayonnaise Dispenser, which is a noteworthy change from the traditional building material requests we usually need to send out. When you've finished working on the Mayonnaise Dispenser, you'll be able to collect from it once every 30 minutes.

As for the Macaroni Salads, these dishes are cooked in the Salad Station (it's the last dish on the Basic tab) using two Macaroni and two Mayonnaise. Macaroni is itself a crafting project, as a single batch of the pasta takes two Flour, two Eggs and two Salt to craft. You'll receive 15 coins, 10 XP and two Apples for finishing this quest.

Salad Slinger

  • Serve 6 Stay-at-the-Waldorf Salads

  • Provide 12 Chef's Services with Stay-at-the-Waldorf Salads

  • Get 10 Leaflets

Leaflets are earned by posting a general news item on your wall asking for help, while the Stay-at-the Waldorf Salads are cooked on the Salad Station. They require Mayonnaise and Apples to craft, which might make these quests difficult since Apples are a rather rare ingredient.

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What do you think of this Mayonnaise Dispenser? Which sauce or condiment should we receive a specific appliance for next? Sound off in the comments!

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