Audi Chief Has Ambitious Plans

One more luxury car maker has made fantastic claims about future growth. BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura and Porsche all believe their sales will skyrocket by the end of the decade. Either the global luxury car market will grow by high double digits between now and 2020, or some of the companies are wrong.

Audi is the latest of these manufacturers to make aggressive claims. Its chances are as good as those of any of its competitors. In the United States, Audi sales have outpaced most other luxury cars. New designs and a fleet of cars, all of which have all-wheel-drive, have appealed to the American market. Audi also believes it has growing demand in the extremely crowded Chinese car market, now the largest in the world.

According to Reuters:

Volkswagen unit Audi's chief executive said on Tuesday he aims for the premium brand to sell more than 2 million vehicles a year by 2020.

Rupert Stadler wants to make Audi, which delivered about 1.3 million Audi-branded cars in 2011, the world's largest maker of premium cars no later than 2020, overtaking BMW.

Douglas A. McIntyre

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