Wall Murals in Homes: Take 'Em or Leave 'Em?

wall murals in homes
wall murals in homes

Ever since caveman days, humans have longed to decorate bare walls with their own paintings. However, wall decor commemorating an exceptional antelope hunt no longer pleases modern interior designers, but is it a better alternative to stark, white walls?

Murals and frescoes appear less frequently today than they did in ancient Greece, but they definitely make a home stand out. Those included in the collection below are hand painted, but there are plenty of other options that offer a similar look. Wallpaper murals allow photos to be blown up to cover entire walls or ceilings. There are dozens of sites peddling inexpensive wall decals to add color to a home's interior. Your home may even have its own mural hiding somewhere behind a layer of wallpaper or a false wall. Check out some murals from these Estately listings:

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