Vampire Wars is the next Zynga game to bite the dust on December 5

Vampire Wars shuts down
Vampire Wars shuts down

Man, this sucks. (We're done with the puns ... scout's honor.) It looks like Zynga has already chosen the next game on its chopping block: Vampire Wars. The undead-themed take on the iconic Mafia Wars will be no more come Dec. 5, according to an update on this Zynga support page. As of this writing, Vampire Wars has 330,000 monthly and just 30,000 daily players, according to AppData.

While the death knell has rung out for Vampire Wars, the team in charge plans to continue a stream of new content up until its last day. (Remember, remember the fifth of ... December?) Just like it has for FishVille and Treasure Isle, Zynga has offered players a bonus package of goods to use in one of the following games: CastleVille, ChefVille, FarmVille 2, Mafia Wars or YoVille.

Whelp, at least we know that this means neither Mafia Wars nor YoVille will be canceled in the foreseeable future. If Zynga is handing out bonus packages in those games for Vampire Wars refugees, it's highly unlikely that they'll be shut down any time soon.

However, this sad news does give us an idea of which of Zynga's games might be in trouble: perhaps Mafia Wars 2, and the larger part of its mobile games? Don't get too down, Vampire Wars fans--there's always The Vampire Diaries on Facebook to play. No? Wait, where are you going? Zynga provided the following statement:

This week we announced to our players that we're closing Vampire Wars in the coming months in order to focus our efforts on creating new social games. We sincerely thank our Vampire Wars players for maintaining a passionate community, and promise to deliver them more games to enjoy. We're currently offering special packages to help players get started in other Zynga games if they wish.

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