This was you (and everyone else) on The Grinns Tale just before launch

The Grinns Tale
The Grinns Tale

It's official ... well. as official as a game launch can get after it's been publicly available for months. Nexon America has released its next major social game, The Grinns Tale, on Facebook and Kongregate. Basically, Nexon went and dropped the word "beta" from the game's title, likely meaning the game will receive more advertising and other resources to attract more players.

As it stands, The Grinns Tale is home to just 140,000 monthly players, according to AppData. If how much we enjoyed the game is any metric for success, this game should have way more players than that. What we're trying to say is that you should just play this game already. But before you do, check out what just 140,000 monthly players have done in The Grinns Tale since the social RPG went live, straight from Nexon:

Times a Grinn did work: 76,180,415 (Now if only everyone worked this hard.)

  • Metal Harvested: 7,924,550,614

  • Wood Harvested: 14,643,771,560

  • Number of croissants eaten: 2,951,753 (That's a lot of buttery goodness.)

  • Number of muffins eaten: 2,547,497

  • Number of bananas eaten: 474,677

Number of times each character class entered battle:

  • Adventurer – 25,711,701

  • Archer – 20,707,467

  • Berserker – 11,138,008

  • Cleric – 20,851,766

  • Knight – 18,739,768

  • Wizard – 17,501,942

If just a few hundred thousand players could accomplish all this, imagine what a few million could do. And there's only one way to make this happen: Play the dang game already--it's a charmer.

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[Via Kotaku]

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