Pioneer Trail 'Saving Thanksgiving' Goals: Everything you need to know

As we get closer to the American Thanksgiving holiday in the real world, Zynga is once again celebrating the holiday in Pioneer Trail, but with a twist. Apparently, our in-game family has invited all of the game's secondary characters over for a large Thanksgiving feast, but no one showed up. It's now up to us to figure out why and "save" Thanksgiving before it's too late. We're here with a complete guide to finishing this feature, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Thin Skinned Boots

  • Clear 20 Thorns

  • Collect 10 Flimsy Moccasins

  • Sell 15 Adult Cows

Throughout this quest event, you'll need to complete 10 singular repeatable goals, each one relating to a seat around the Thanksgiving Dinner Table. You'll need to ask your friends for tons of items throughout this series, but also make sure to check your in-game inventory for items like the Thorns, as you might have some just waiting to be placed and immediately tended. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive 200 XP, three Potluck Plates and a random third reward.

Canine Cuisine

  • Harvest 20 Maize

  • Gather 30 Bacon Bits

  • Collect 15 Puppy Blankets

Maize is a nine-hour crop that's available to send and receive via the game's free gifts page, so make sure to check your inventory at least once a day to see if your friends have sent you some that you didn't notice. As for the Bacon Bits, you can earn these by tending adult pigs as they'll drop at random. For completing this goal, you'll receive 200 XP, four Potluck Plates and another random reward.

Laggin' Wagon

  • Gather 20 Fine Bridles

  • Gather 30 Hide Canopies

  • Craft 5 Pine Cartwheels

The Fine Bridles are earned by tending non-rideable brown horses on your Homestead. The Hide Canopies, meanwhile, are earned by tending Adult Oxen. Finally, the Pine Cartwheels can be crafted using Wheel Rims (ask friends) and Pine Spokes (drop when chopping fully grown Pine Trees). For completing this goal, you'll receive 300 XP, five Potluck Plates and a random reward.

In Crust We Trust

  • Gather 5 Bowls of Cornflour

  • Collect 25 Cinnamon Shakers

  • Gather 80 Butter Bowls

The first thing you'll want to do when reaching this goal is ask for the Cinnamon Shakers, as they come from friends and it's definitely possible that you won't be able to earn all 25 in a single day. As for the Bowls of Cornflour, you'll earn these at random when tending Maize, while Butter Bowls are earned by tending Adult Cows. As you wait for these goals to unlock once per day, it would definitely be advisable to purchase and raise more cows to adulthood to make these sorts of tasks a bit easier. When you complete this goal, you'll receive 400 XP, six Potluck Plates and a random reward.

Cold Case, Cold Casserole

  • Collect 5 Interrogation Notes

  • Gather 25 Pieces of Vital Evidence

  • Craft 15 Green Bean Casseroles

The Interrogation Notes are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while the pieces of Vital Evidence are earned by harvesting chickens. Finally, the Green Bean Casseroles can be created using Casserole Beans and Mushroom Soups. The Soups come by asking your friends to send them to you, while the Casserole Beans are earned at random by tending Clover. Unfortunately, the drop rate from Clover is low, but Clover can be tended so quickly that you should eventually be able to finish this goal at least once before this event ends. You'll receive 500 XP, seven Potluck Plates and a random reward for finishing this goal.

Rapid Delivery

  • Gather 30 Floating Reeds

  • Gather 20 Raft Ties

  • Collect 25 Cans of Tar Sealant

The Cans of Tar Sealant can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you, so make sure to do that early and often to make some steady progress. As for the Floating Reeds, these are earned by clearing Grass. Finally, the 20 Raft Ties are earned by tending Flax. If you're not interested in waiting for Flax to grow normally, make sure to check your inventory for Flax growth boosts to earn these items more quickly. You'll earn 600 XP, seven Potluck Plates and another random reward when you complete this goal.

Up in Smoke

  • Collect 15 Fragrant Firewood

  • Collect 6 Starter Flints

  • Craft 4 Barbecue Pits

The Fragrant Firewood can be earned by harvesting from Cherry Trees, while Start Flints are earned at random when clearing rocks. As with the Thorns above, make sure you check your inventory for rocks to see if you have some extra rocks that can be placed and immediately tended without waiting for them to "spawn" normally. Finally, the Barbecue Pits are a complex crafting project that require Spit Handles (tend adult Goats), Spit Rods (harvest steel forges), and Pit Rocks (ask friends).

Slip N Slide

  • Tend 35 Oxen

  • Collect Daily Bonus from the Barn 3 Times

  • Collect 25 Clearing Shovels

Again, while you can wait for these Oxen and the Barn to become "ready" on their own, you just might have some boosts in your inventory to speed up the process, so make sure to look for some of those if you're hoping to speed up this process. Completing this goal gives you 800 XP, five Potluck Plates and a random reward.

Finicky Fare

  • Harvest 40 Corn

  • Harvest 20 Pecan Trees

  • Craft 26 Wacky Donuts

Luckily, this is a pretty straightforward goal, requiring you to just harvest Corn and Pecan Trees over time, without any need for special items. You'll also need to craft an additional crop for this goal, as Wacky Donuts require Chocolate Glazes and Sugary Sprinkles to create. While you can earn the Chocolate Glazes from friends, you'll need to plant and harvest Beets to earn the Sugary Sprinkles, making this one of the most crop-heavy goals we've seen thus far. You'll earn 900 XP, 15 Potluck Plates and a random reward when you complete this goal.

Dishing It Out

  • Gather 35 Wool Packing

  • Clear 30 Debris

  • Craft 2 Wagon Shocks

If you don't have a "debris garden" on your land, and you don't have any debris pieces to clear, it might be worth checking the blank space behind some of permanent buildings, just in case some debris has spawned there where you couldn't normally see it. Either way, you'll earn the Wool Packing from tending Adult Sheep, while the Wagon Shocks are a complex crafting project requiring Shock Springs, Cushiony Rods and Flexy Bars to craft. All three of these items are earned by simply asking your friends to send them to you. You'll receive 1,000 XP, 10 Potluck Plates and a random reward for completing this goal.

In addition to all of these repeatable goals, there are also three one-time-only goals called "Wrappers," that are available to complete as you collect Potluck Plates and other items via the other goals. Here's a guide to finishing those off as well.

Set the Table

  • Collect 20 Potluck Plates

  • Complete Canine Cuisine 2 Times

  • Complete In Crust We Trust 2 Times

Again, these above goals can all be completed multiple times, so feel free to plan ahead for these required repeated goals to make things easier on yourself in the long run. You'll earn 5,000 XP, 20 Potluck Plates, and a Crazier Cake for completing this goal.

Time to Eat

  • Collect 80 Potluck Plates

  • Complete Cold Case Cold Casserole 3 Times

  • Complete Up in Smoke 3 Times

Rewards: Frontier Fritter, 30 Potluck Plates, Ultimate Chili

Who Wants Seconds?

  • Collect 225 Potluck Plates

  • Complete Finicky Fare 4 Times

  • Complete Dishing It Out 4 Times

This is the ultimate goal in this series, as it gives you items like Horseshoes, Beef Jerky and a Crazy Cornucopia for completing it. The Beef Jerky can be used to boost your maximum energy, while the Horseshoes can obviously be used to splurge a bit on yourself, or help you to finish off another goal in your game.

It's definitely possible that another Thanksgiving event could launch in Pioneer Trail before the end of the month, so keep checking back for more! Good luck!

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What do you think of this massive 'Saving Thanksgiving' event in Pioneer Trail? Do you think there should be additional Thanksgiving-themed content released in Pioneer Trail, or are you going to be busy enough working on these goals? Sound off in the comments!