Grub Guardian on iOS, browsers links you to Wizard101 auto-magically

Grub guardian
Grub guardian

You just can't get your fill of Wizard101, can you? Well, developer KingsIsle Entertainment has you covered with its brand new cross-platform game for iOS devices and web browsers, Grub Guardian. Designed as both a standalone game experience and one that connects players to Wizard101, Grub Guardian lets players level up their in-game pets on the go.

In Grub Guardian, players defend some precious grubs against hordes of monster invaders, using unique pets with special abilities across 28 levels. As new enemies appear, players will need to adapt by changing up their strategy as well as which pets they use. And if players log into the game using their Wizard101 accounts, their progress in Grub Guardian will translate to levels and skill upgrades for the pets they play with in the game proper.

"Grub Guardian is a leap forward for the accessibility of persistent world gaming-now players can make meaningful progress in Wizard101 using iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and PC or Android Web browsers," KingsIsle Entertainment VP of Development Josef Hall said in a release. "We believe that satellite games, such as Grub Guardian, represent a new frontier for game design in which standalone mobile games connect seamlessly with larger online worlds like Wizard101."

We've seen this sort of thing from all sorts hardcore or traditional game makers, but it's interesting to see a family-focused studio give the whole cross-platform gaming trend a try. And with the amount of affordable Android tablets and not-so-affordable iPod Touch's out there, surely kids will latch onto this like Saturday morning cartoons.

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